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7 Mental Tricks To Make Exercise Enjoyable

Getting yourself to exercise can be a real struggle sometimes, especially when it feels like a chore rather than something you look forward to. However, there are ways to shift your mindset and make the whole experience more enjoyable. Here are seven ways to make exercise enjoyable:

Instead of focusing solely on weight loss or muscle gain, set goals that are enjoyable and motivating. Maybe it’s completing a fun run or mastering a new dance routine. Setting goals that excite you will make exercise feel more like a rewarding journey rather than just focusing on the destination. 

Music has the power to boost your mood and energize your workouts and it’s a simple way to make exercise fun. Create a playlist filled with your favorite upbeat tunes that make you want to move. If you struggle with overthinking and need a distraction while you exercise, music is the perfect motivation during those tough workouts.

Surround yourself with people who share your fitness interests and goals. If you enjoy running, join a run club. If you want to play soccer, join a sports team. Or if you want to become a yogi, join a yoga class. These are the ideal places to meet like-minded people if you haven't already. Working out with others makes exercise a lot more enjoyable but it also holds you accountable and offers support.

It’s easy to get bored if you’re doing the same workouts every day. Don’t let it become monotonous and start to feel like something you have to do rather than something you get to do. Keep things interesting by trying new activities and switching up your routine regularly. Add a variety of exercises, from yoga and hiking to swimming and kickboxing. Experiment with different activities to prevent boredom and keep you engaged. It’s best not to push too hard too fast and rather take the process at your own pace to avoid overdoing it.

Exercise does a lot more for you than helping you lose weight or gain muscle. It can significantly benefit your mental well-being and prevent certain health conditions. For instance, doing light weights regularly can strengthen your bones, which is particularly crucial as you age. Women over 65 and men over 70 are at higher risk of bone-density conditions like osteoporosis. Exercise also releases endorphins, often referred to as “feel-good” hormones, which can alleviate stress, anxiety and depression. 

Take a few moments before your workout to visualize yourself succeeding. Imagine yourself crushing your fitness goals, feeling strong and full of energy. Envision how you’ll feel after your session when your endorphins are running high. Visualizing success can boost your confidence and motivation, making exercise feel more rewarding.

Everyone loves a little reward and it’s a guaranteed way to make exercise fun. Treat yourself after a challenging workout or when you reach a milestone. Whether it’s a relaxing massage, a delicious smoothie, a warm to-go coffee or a guilt-free Netflix marathon, having something to look forward to can make the effort feel worthwhile. Rewards provide positive reinforcement and help create a positive association with moving your body. 

Make Exercise Fun

Exercise doesn’t need to be a dreaded task. By implementing a few mental tricks, you can turn exercise into an enjoyable part of your routine. 


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