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8 High-end Investment Pieces That You Shouldn’t Skimp on Maintenance

Unwrapping that shiny new investment item and marveling at its beauty can be exhilarating; whether it be a luxury watch, designer shoes, or expensive furniture piece - they all promise years of enjoyment and admiration from those around us. Unfortunately, we often forget that like any good thing in life, these luxury items require proper maintenance in order for them to continue looking and feeling their best over time. Here are eight high-end investment pieces you should not overlook regarding maintenance:

Expensive Watches

Nothing beats the feel of a quality timepiece on your wrist - but without proper maintenance it could quickly become an unnecessary burden that doesn’t justify its worth. Make sure your watch receives regular oil changes so it keeps on ticking! Also ensure that it receives professional servicing every 3-5 years.

Designer Shoes

From sneakers to high fashion heels, designer shoes are an investment, so care must be taken when maintaining them. Use a damp cloth regularly to clean them before applying protective sprays or lotions that can prevent their material from cracking or fading over time.

Luxury Car

Do you dream of driving around in a Porsche or Ferrari? Owning one is sure to get your heart racing, but like any luxury item, maintaining it requires care and upkeep if it is to remain at peak condition. Make sure to change its oil regularly and have all components evaluated by a qualified mechanic every few months. An auto repair shop that knows the ins and outs (with the proper paperwork to back it up) may prove especially helpful here.

Fine Art

Purchasing fine art can be an excellent way to showcase your sense of taste and increase the value of your home, but it must be treated delicately if you want it to last for many years. Take steps such as keeping it away from direct sunlight, using archival-grade matting and frames and handling with clean hands when transporting the piece.

Designer Clothing

Everyone strives to look their best, but designer clothing comes at a high cost. To protect the value of your investment, take extra precaution when cleaning and storing them - use detergent specifically made for delicates when laundering the items as directed, store items hanging or store in cotton bags to reduce wrinkles.

Fine Jewelry

No matter whether it is a diamond necklace or an emerald ring, fine jewelry requires special care. Avoid exposure to chemicals like chlorine and also not storing in environments with extreme temperatures or humidity levels. Have the stones checked annually for loose settings and become acquainted with a good professional jeweler who can get your pieces fixed (if they snapped).

Luxury Handbags

Expensive handbags are essential accessories for any fashionista, yet it can be difficult to care for properly. To keep them looking like new, use leather cleaner when necessary and store out of direct sunlight; additionally, fill the interior of your handbag with tissue paper or bubble wrap to reduce wear and tear.

Antique Furniture

Antique furniture adds timeless beauty and character to any room, yet requires special care due to its age. Be wary of placing such pieces directly under sunlight or high humidity environments and use felt pads on feet and legs as protection from scratches. Additionally, have an expert restorer check regularly on its condition for optimal maintenance.

Choose quality materials and invest in proper maintenance when it comes to preserving luxury items over time. When in doubt, leave DIY projects to professionals; that way you can rest easy knowing your investment pieces will be well cared for.


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