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THE CLEANEST SHEETS ON THE MARKET: How One Company is Redefining the Home Linens Industry

Consider that every day, everyone spends the evening lying across bed sheets, and several times a day, using washcloths, hand towels, face towels and bath towels. All of those towels and bed sheets are the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria, as bacteria doubles every 20 minutes on home linens.

Yet, while it is recommended that bath linens be washed at least three times a week, and bed linens once a week, many often wait much longer to wash them.

That means hundreds of thousands of homes are allowing germs and bacteria to thrive on the products that touch their skin every day. In fact, according to entrepreneur Ahad Arif, “90% of towels contain sickness-causing bacteria.”

When Arif realized this, he knew that there was a desperate need for a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable product. This sparked the creation of Aloft Home, an innovative bed and bath linen manufacturer with a new line of linens that redefines the industry. Utilizing technology that is no different than that in active wear brands like Lulu Lemon, Arif decided to take those same principles and apply them to the bed linens space.

Offering a collection of affordable, high-quality products, Aloft Home provides the cleanest sheets and towels that any individual will ever own. Arif has chosen to use some of the highest quality cotton in the world to ensure premium products.

With USA-grown Supima cotton and high-quality Turkish cotton, Aloft Home bridges the gap between clean & comfortable. Free of all harmful synthetics, the Aloft Home sheets are Oeko-Tex certified and more hygienic than any other linen currently on the market.

Aside from the affordable pricing and eco-friendly manufacturing, the Aloft Home linens provide a plethora of additional health and lifestyle benefits. By combining traditional linen manufacturing processes with innovative advances in textiles, Aloft Home has created a high-quality, premium cotton that is infused and embedded with a hint of pure and natural silver. The silver acts as a repelling agent for microbial growth, and so rather than growing bacteria, these towels & sheets kill it.

The result is linens that not only prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria, but also reduce 99.9% of bacteria growth and stay cleaner and fresher for far longer than the traditional linens. While normal sheets require laundering after 2-3 days, Aloft Home sheets can be washed every two weeks.

Similarly, normal towels should be washed every 1-2 days, whereas Aloft Home towels can be washed every one to two weeks. And, unlike typical antibacterial and anti-odor treatments, which last 5-10 washes, Aloft Home silver fiber permanently protects the product for life.

Ahad Arif had a mission to bring health and safety to the forefront of the textile industry without compromising quality, comfort and affordability.

Both luxurious and sustainable, the Aloft Home linens are without the addition of any chemicals, making them an eco-friendly alternative that are both better for the environment and the health of all individuals that use them.

Aloft Home harnesses the power of natural silver with no chemicals, no hidden secrets. Simply say goodbye to dirty linens.


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