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Amara Retains Classic Pedigree After Refit at Feadship

The Feadship yard in Makkum has successfully completed the refit of the 57.30-metre Amara (ex. Cacique) fully on schedule. The owners took the Lloyd’s 35-year survey as a foundation for a wide range of alterations and upgrades to suit their way of life at sea. Committed to retaining the original lines and preserving pedigree Feadship character, they chose to send Amara ‘home’ to the Netherlands to have the refit carried out at Feadship.

After buying the yacht in 2020 and enjoying a first season in Alaska, the owners were keen to update and reinforce Amara’s helideck for the type of craft they intend to land in future. The new helideck was engineered by Francis Gumbs at Feadship Refit & Services, built by Feadship’s in-house aluminium department, and neatly finished with the Amara logo instead of the standard H.

Although it was a complex operation the results have been more than worth the effort,” says Captain Tim Rowland. “Our new deck is state of the art, designed in the same shape as the previous one while being strong enough to accommodate twin engine helicopters.

New layout and teak Another significant change has been the development of a new layout for the sun deck which necessitated the removal of a bulwark to create an open plan deck and add aluminium lockers. New teak was laid throughout this area as well as on the foredeck and parts of the bridge deck. The Feadship painters then brought everything back to new in every part of Amara affected by these improvements. Below decks, the original main engines were given an extensive overhaul with all turbos, pumps and heat exchangers fully revised. The rudder shafts were replaced and new bronze rudder shaft bearings fitted. Other significant work that will go largely unseen but add significant value to the yacht included replacing the black/grey water holding tank in the engine room. This is the kind of specialist task where Feadship excellence pays dividends in the long run as the yard’s metal and assembly teams replaced all pipelines and pumps as well as welding a new tank in place.

Second to none Amara was originally launched as Cacique in 1986 and is one of a fleet of Feadships, classic, modern and all styles and ages in-between, that have enjoyed the premium care offered by the Feadship Refit and Services division.

I’ve been involved with five new builds in my career and multiple shipyard periods, but the project management team on the Amara refit has been second to none,” confirms Captain Rowland. “In fact, the entire workforce – from the people in the canteen to the craftsmen working on the boat and the various sub-contractors – gave us a very warm welcome from the moment we arrived. I am delighted that the owners chose to have the work carried out at Feadship.


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