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Ann Korologos Gallery - Basalt, Colorado

Located at the confluence of two rivers in historic downtown Basalt, Colorado, Ann Korologos Gallery is a place to feel awe and discover beauty, all while discovering something new about the arts with each visit. The gallery represents more than forty local and national painters, printmakers, photographers, mixed media artists and sculptors who use their unique visual language to tell the stories of the American West. “Art is an integral part of our cultural heritage, now and always” shares gallery owner, Ann Korologos. “In a small mountain town that hosts residents and tourists from all over the globe, it is our honor to share the beauty, depth, and culture of the American West as depicted and created by the hands of our artists.” The gallery is considered the premier gallery for contemporary art of the modern west.

Gallery owner Ann Korologos, who believes that art can cross cultural barriers and create understanding and awe of a place, has been curating the intersection of arts and culture long before it was her ‘business’ to do so. Nearly two decades ago, Ann and her husband, Tom Korologos who was at the time serving as the U.S. Ambassador to Belgium, curated two 20-work exhibitions for the U.S. Embassy in Belgium as part of the U.S. State Department’s Art in Embassies Program during Ambassador Korologos’ tenure. Through these exhibitions, Ann introduced Europe to the stunning landscapes of Colorado and the Roaring Fork Valley through the paintings of Dan Young. When she purchased the gallery from the retiring owners, Young came with the roster. “Watching his work evolve over the last many years, first as a collector, and then as a curator, and now as a friend, has been a pleasure,” reflects Korologos. Fifteen years later, Dan Young is featured in a peak-season solo exhibition at Ann Korologos Gallery opening July 9th with an artist reception. Korologos is preparing for a season celebrating arts and culture through a series of artist receptions and in-gallery discussions and demonstrations.

This Summer, the regional landscapes of the Rocky Mountains will be on view through a series of solo exhibitions showcasing the impressionist work of Dan Young (Mountain Majesty), the colorful style of Andy Taylor (The Art of Color), an in-gallery demonstration of the woodblock printmaking process with Leon Loughridge (3-Day Artist in Residence), and an artist talk explaining the geometric ceramics made of locally harvested clay by Michael Wisner (Pattern and Form). In a two-person exhibition, painter Terry Gardner and sculptor Amy Laugesen will explore the intersection of landscape and ranch life in the San Luis Valley (San Luis Valley Views).

View the impact of nature through the abstract paintings of Michael Kessler, Cap Pannell, Deborah Paris, Allison Stewart, and the pastels of Sabrina Stiles. Celebrate the Old West cowboy culture in new ways through the paintings, sculpture, mixed media works, and etchings of Peggy Judy, Lisa Gordon, Donna Howell-Sickles and Joel Ostlind. Discover regional scenes as interpreted by Peter Campbell, Nathan Solano, Marie Figge Wise, and Kate Starling. Be amazed by fresh-off-the-easel still life paintings from Sarah Lamb, and Brett Scheifflee’s realist vistas. Feel uplifted by the whimsical and representational depictions of beloved wildlife by Paula Schuette Kraemer, Diana Woods, Ewoud de Groot, Heather Foster and Sandra Lee Kaplan. Step through the seasons, styles, and mediums as a viewer, exploring changes in yourself and the world around us. Ann Korologos Gallery may be located in a small town, but the depth and breadth of the artists, works, subjects, styles, and service make this an essential gallery to experience.

“Our goal as a gallery is for every interaction to add beauty and depth to your life,” reflects Ann Korologos. “The works our artists are creating are inspirational and timeless. The trip to Basalt, or a visit online, is sure to leave you fulfilled.”

Ann Korologos Gallery

211 Midland Avenue, Basalt, CO 81612

(970) 927-9668


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