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AquaBlu Mosaics - Create Your Paradise

Mosaics have decorated the walls of palaces and churches as far back as the 3rd millennium BC. These beautiful works of art emanate a sense of opulence and luxury that made them a favorite feature of kings and the high societal elite from all over the world. Luckily, owning your own gorgeous mosaics has become accessible to more than just royalty, while still providing the same sense of grandeur.

Using glass mosaics as a pool finish is a great way to bring a touch of that luxury to your own home. When properly installed, glass tile becomes the most durable finish for your pool or spa. Glass is also resistant to fading and damage from chemicals and UV, making it easier and cheaper to maintain than other substrates while simultaneously outliving them. As a matter of fact, properly installed glass tile can last indefinitely, where most other pool finishes should be resurfaced every 7 to 10 years.

A pool is an investment that can add value to your home. That said, the upkeep and maintenance can be costly, especially if you want to keep your pool looking updated and fresh. Using glass tile helps you to get the most out of your investment. Because it is so easy to care for, you won’t need to spend all that extra money and time on resurfacing or deep cleaning. It’s so beautiful you wouldn’t want to change it anyway. Talk about property value!

Glass doesn’t always have to cover the entirety of your pool or spa. Many people find that it is also the perfect material to use as an accent in waterline, kitchen, and bathroom applications. For instance, using glass tile as a step marker is an easy way to tie safety and style together and transform a drab plaster pool into the perfect backyard paradise.

Speaking of safety, glass tile is also the perfect finish for anyone who is concerned with cleanliness. Unlike ceramic and stone materials, glass is truly non-porous, meaning the material will not absorb any water. This means there are no tiny holes or crevasses for water and germs to hide and grow in, leading to mold and mildew. In fact, there are even some glass tiles that come with self-cleaning properties, making upkeep a total breeze!

Glass can also hold up to drastic weather changes, unlike most other tiles. Live somewhere that freezes over in the winter but that’s very hot during the summer? That’s no problem for frost-proof glass mosaics. These tiles have been specially tested to ensure durability when going from extreme heat to extreme cold and vice versa.

An all-glass tile pool is exceptionally beautiful. The elaborate textures, colors, and varying ranges of transparency that the use of glass provides offers a seemingly infinite variety of options sure to satiate the wishes of virtually anyone. Glass brings dimension and elegance to a traditionally bland and plain space. The vivid color blends and styles can even be made into a gorgeous custom design. With a creative installer or designer, the sky truly is the limit when using glass.

On the fence about finishing your entire pool with glass tile? Using an elegant glass pool mosaic is a great way to add some flare to your pool or spa without redoing the entire thing. Want to add something unique to your pool that nobody else will have? A custom-made glass pool mosaic is sure to elevate your pool design to a whole new level! Made from hand-cut artisan glass, you can create beautiful ocean and animal scenes, logos, and anything in between. You can make your pool a truly one-of-a-kind exotic masterpiece

Glass tile is also one of the eco-friendlier decisions you can make. In a time when most of us are doing our part to minimize our ecological footprint, glass is one of the few materials that is truly recyclable. In fact, many beautiful all-glass tile pools were finished with already recycled glass! It’s a wonderful way to ensure beauty in your home, pool or spa while still caring for the Earth.

Bottom line, glass tile is the best choice for a unique, high-end, but most importantly, long-lasting, pool finish. Its beauty and durability are unmatched by other finishes, and it is sure to be the feature your friends and neighbors will wish they had for themselves. Take the plunge and create your paradise with an all-glass tile pool!


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