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AR Interiors - Design. Your. Dream. Home.

AR Interiors is an interior design studio based in Santa Monica, California. Anna Rosemann, an interior decorator, assists clients with room decoration, home remodeling and interior design.

Jamie Agoglia: Where did your love for crafting beautiful spaces begin?

Anna Rosemann: I would say it began when my mom decided to add a master bedroom suite to our existing home when I was little. I was about twelve and fascinated by the whole construction process from beginning to end. Watching them dig the foundation, framing, installing the insulation, then drywall, paint and then finally helping my mom decorate the bedroom. Picking rugs, a new bed, nightstands and lamps. She was so proud and excited to enjoy her new room. I just thought how cool it was, there wasn’t something there before and now it was a space that gave my mom so much joy. I remember being grateful to be involved and quite enjoying the process not knowing I would one day do this for a living.

How did that passion turn into AR Interiors?

I worked for a high end staging company in Los Angeles on and off for 15 years. Hired as an assistant in the office initially. I learned a ton about real estate, interiors and the design market in general. I worked in the warehouse, in the office, on job sites, joined in on client meetings and eventually was helping design $20 million + residential projects. Our clients were in the $5 - $50 million dollar range. Towards my final year there I was managing all their interior design projects and although the clients were ever changing, the process at the firm was the same and I needed a change, so I decided to start my own thing. Los Angeles designers, especially the Beverly Hills big ones, in my experience are very funny with how they work with clients, insane minimum budgets, over the top attitudes, etc. Not my style, I wanted to do something more accessible and friendly, high end design without the entitlement, who knew that could exist.

How would you describe your personal interior design style?

At the moment I would describe my design style as Monochromatic Wabi Sabi, sounds like a cool band name, no? I love staying within a specific color story but using various textures. I also love blending the rough and the smooth. In general, my design style changes and is inspired depending on where I am. Pre-Covid, I spent a lot of time traveling. Started in Australia (where my husband is from) love their beachy cool, modernist vibe. We then honeymooned for a month in Southeast Asia: Hong Kong, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Japan, it was a big trip and just breathtaking, the pagodas, colorful floors and Ankor Wat - left me speechless. Next we spent a month in the South of France - I mean, who doesn’t want a classic french country house? At the moment we are spending our Covid quarantine in Palm Springs, hence the monochromatic, earthy textures.

What is your mission when designing a space for a client?

A happy client who LOVES spending time in their new space. It’s funny, I consider myself more of a problem solver than an interior designer. I take into account the wants and needs of the client + the bones of a home + style client likes + how the client lives (kids, pets, etc.) + budget and then guide them along the way knowing all the factors involved. I solve people problems and the end result just so happens to look pretty.

What has been your favorite AR Interiors project of 2020?

Our 8,500 square foot residential project at Hayvenhurst in the Encino Hills. Our client, Veronica Gallardo owner of Veronicas Insurance is a Latin community celebrity. We met and immediately bonded over our Mexican backgrounds and we are both to the point, no b.s. type of women. Veronica bought the home in Encino Hills, cut me a big check and said I need to move in 2 weeks. I laughed, but of course because she is so fun and inspiring and was such a joy to work with, we made it happen. I love it when clients challenge me while also making me laugh and sharing inspiration, very special.

What projects are you most excited about for 2021?

Well, I just had a baby and I am a first time mom, so enjoying every minute of his first year is my priority at the moment. Work-wise, we are helping a hardworking couple finally build their dream home overlooking the ocean in San Pedro, that will be a wonderful project to see come to fruition. I also recently bought a home in Palm Springs that I am renovating. The style will be Scandi meets Tulum meets Wabi Sabi - desert tones, casual vibes with some classic mid century pieces. Lastly, I am most excited about developing my own projects, ground up. Residential flips, maybe a boutique hotel, throwing in some furnishing design, who knows, I am keeping my options open!

What interior design trends are you loving right now?

Natural materials, I love using jutes, woods and rocks for example. Mixing textures allows for depth while not over stimulating the eye. Loving the resurgence of rattan and wicker, again with the natural materials, woven and texture, gets me every time. Light toned wood, I am rarely a fan of dark woods, so it is nice to see lighter toned woods are being used more often, especially in kitchens. Earth tones, I will always veer towards a cool, light colored, casual, earthy palate, you can take the girl out of California, but you can’t take California out of the girl.


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