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Defenders: Designed, Rebuilt and Reimagined

English Restoration Company Procures Iconic British Vintage Defenders & Exports Around the Globe

Arkonik, the world’s leading independent Defender specialists, have been restoring and exporting the British icon since 2007.

The Arkonik Headquarters are located in the Land Rover motherland of England. However, the hand built and hand assembled Defenders are to be found much further afield after being restored and reimagined; in the USA, Canada and across the globe. Some within discreet and private collections, but many in everyday use. All vehicles are designed, built, equipped and shipped to meet with regional regulations and local environmental needs.

Each member of Arkonik’s 50-strong team is well versed in the nuances of the Defender marque and has a great respect and understanding of the original icon. Due to this unique sensitivity, their restorations are unsurpassed in both quality and authenticity.

Depending on your location, your Defender will be of a 15-25 year old vintage. A fact you can astound your friends with as your ‘better-than-new’ Defender will look like it has just rolled off the production line thanks to a full ‘nut and bolt’ restoration.

With more than 170 immaculately restored trucks imported into North America to date, they guarantee importation and provide further reassurance in the form of an inclusive warranty.

Arkonik handles the entire process from procurement to restoration, design consultation, build and shipment, right through to delivery and a comprehensive handover on your own doorstep. This leaves you to focus on the fun stuff; like planning your first adventure.

No matter where in the world you are, you will always have a direct link to your Defender, thanks to Arkonik’s ‘Portal Package’. The regular updates are a tangible connection to your build and give you peace of mind as you witness your Defender evolve through the build process.

They offer three routes to ownership, catering for all Land Rover enthusiasts. If you simply want an immaculately restored, authentic Defender then their ORIGINS line is for you. To enjoy a more distinct style with enhanced scarcity, opt for their discerning EDITIONS range. For the ultimate experience, commission your own unique custom build with their BESPOKE service.


'Despacito' Superstar Luis Fonsi receives his D90

Their latest personal handover was in Miami, Florida. This original concept D90 was designed by and built for international sensation Luis Fonsi - the Puerto Rican singer/songwriter who received global recognition with his chart-topping track Despacito in 2017.

The Luis Fonsi and Justin Bieber remix received three Grammy nominations. The original version received no less than four Latin Grammy Awards and is the most viewed music video in YouTube history.

Fonsi is Puerto Rico's official Ambassador for Tourism and balances this with his busy tour schedules. He also spearheads the ongoing relief effort to rebuild the town of La Perla, (where 'Despacito' was filmed) after the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria last year. Find out more at

On the day ROCCO was delivered, Luis was ready and waiting for the handover team to arrive at his Miami Villa; he could hear them coming via the signature burble of its V8 engine. Watch the film to see Luis’ elated reaction when they pulled into the drive.

For more information or to start your Arkonik journey, you can contact them on 1-800-984-3355,, or configure online at



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