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Aspen - Magical Snowglobe

Aspen is just as much an idea as it is a physical town. It started with the silver rush in the 1870s — the idea that fortunes could be made in difficult places — and was reborn in the wake of World War II as a ski destination. Leading the way was a former member of the 10th Mountain Division, Friedl Pfeifer, who banded together with industrialist Walter Paepcke and his wife Elizabeth to make the town and its mountain a destination for those seeking renewal of their mind, body and spirit. As Walter once said, “Aspen had fishing, climbing, skiing. Aspen had so much to add to leisure, to the renewal of the inner spirit. It was the perfect setting for music, art, education…all the things that make life worth living.” This was the original vision behind the creation of the world renowned Aspen Institute, Aspen Music Festival and School, and overall ethos of renewal through cultural immersion in an inspiring and energizing community situated in the heart of the glorious Elk Mountain Range.

5,527 total acres. 362 trails. 41 lifts. 4 incredible mountains. 2 amazing towns. 1 lift ticket. Endless possibilities. A winter vacation at Aspen Snowmass will engage your mind, body and spirit in ways no other winter vacation will.

Access to Aspen Snowmass and between all four mountains couldn’t be easier. With up to 218 flights weekly in the winter on United, American, and Delta, the Aspen-Pitkin County Airport is convenient and only 3 miles from downtown Aspen and 6 miles from Snowmass Village. All four mountains are connected by short rides on our free and efficient bus system — you can even ski all four mountains in a single day.

There is no denying the unique personality of Aspen Mountain. Rising from the vibrant heart of downtown Aspen, this is where it all began in 1946 with the single-seat Lift 1, which immediately became the longest chairlift in the world. That mentality of “go big or go home” has always been at the foundation of the mountain they still call “Ajax.”

Tucked into a gorgeous valley at the base of the Elk Mountains, Snowmass Village has long been the ideal base for families, groups and powder-hounds alike. With easy access to Snowmass, a wealth of lodging options, a charming base village area and dozens of restaurants, Snowmass Village always delivers.


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