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Becoming a Successful Real Estate Agent

Becoming a Successful Real Estate Agent Without a 100K Budget

Popular Netflix shows like Selling Sunset paint the real estate business as a luxurious and profitable industry. However, as in every sector, you need to hustle to become a successful realtor. Naturally, a large budget and support from a reputable sponsoring broker in florida (or wherever your business is located) helps you advertise and build your business and attract new clients, but there is more you need to do to become a talented real estate agent. Here are tips on how to increase your chances as a real estate agent and why you should never underestimate the potential of social media marketing.

The Right Balance Between Talent and Interest

Our modern era leads to many new chances. But things like the internet also increase the number of rivals that are easily found through a web search. Talent alone is not enough if their marketing strategies lead to more interest in their services. A big budget allows hiring marketing and SEO agencies that help rivals score higher in the search engine results, buy ad space, and publish memorable on- and offline advertisements.

However, being the first result on a Google search won’t last long if the service of the realtor does not live up to the customers’ expectations. A person or business that does not have the right insights and characteristics won’t succeed in the long run. Therefore, there are at least two directions a person should focus on when they are building their real estate business:

  • a good marketing strategy and

  • helpful traits and tools for a realtor.

Marketing on a Small Budget

When you are just starting out your business or looking for new strategies to increase your revenue, you most likely do not have a big budget to spend. Hiring marketing agencies for online and print advertisements can be costly. Luckily, there are some ways to generate interest without a 100K budget.

Modern marketing strategies focus on SEO, and as a large part of it, social media. This marketing sector is especially promising for real estate agents since their brand is very much tied to their face and person. This makes social media the perfect platform to connect to potential clients.

Agencies like Changely help create an omnipresence on the internet and any relevant social media platforms. How much you spend on their service is up to you since you can select the appropriate level of guidance. You can either leave social media marketing in their hands or receive schooling and helpful advice for yourself and your employees.

Helpful Characteristics for Real Estate Agents

A social media marketing strategy will be especially successful if you have the necessary characteristics for a real estate agent that you can advertise as your unique selling points. The following traits and tools can help you become a thriving realtor:

  • Diligence & Patience

As much as a natural disposition for realtor work will help push your career, much of the success of a real estate agent is based on diligence. A lot of work goes into assessing real estate and its value, finding the right connections, as well as building a close and trusting relationship with both selling and buying clients.

How much you make a month is largely tied to whether, how many, and which kind of real estate you manage to procure. A real estate agent must be willing to put in this kind of work constantly.

That’s why much of a realtor’s job isn’t tied to quick successes, but a steady build of the right connections, growing expertise, and in-depth understanding of the client’s taste and wishes.

  • Empathy

Whether clients are looking for a home or business real estate or are handing their beloved living space into the hands of strangers; it is important to approach your customers with empathy.

You need to understand what their wishes, needs, and preferences are to find the ideal matches and make sure the client knows their realtor understands where they are coming from and what they are looking for. Trust is a big factor when it comes to client relationships and your success.

  • Digital Strategies

Like social media marketing, other digital strategies are significant tools for a successful real estate business.

Dedicated software for realtors, like CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, is essential these days. These programs can be adjusted to the individual realtor’s processes to find optimized strategies and automatization potential.

  • Teamwork

While some real estate agents work independently, they never work completely autonomously. Real estate work stretches across several sectors and tasks, and the realtor is constantly in contact with partners in different businesses and agencies.

B2B connections and relationships must be tended to just as much as the realtor/client relationship, to build trusting and long-lasting business connections that are beneficial for both sides.

  • Building a Brand

For marketing purposes, it is critical for the real estate agent and their business to be immediately recognizable. The goal is to connect the term realtor with your service in the minds of as many people as possible. Digital and offline marketing strategies are necessary to build this brand.

Invest some money in the design and development of your corporate identity and philosophy. These should be consistent and applied to any kind of marketing platform, from YouTube videos to your Facebook account, your website, or print advertisements.

  • Target Audience

Take some time to analyze your target audience to find the right strategies on how to reach them, specifically. If you aim your service at young people, marketing over channels like Instagram will be more helpful than putting advertisements in the local paper.

Your corporate design will also be tied to your target audience since it should suit their tastes and entice their interest. A good marketing agency or graphic designer knows which designs and phrasing suit which kind of demographic the most.


Real estate agencies can be a luxurious and lucrative business. However, as with any sector, you need to put in the appropriate work. While diligence, patience, and empathy are critical characteristics for a realtor, these features need to be underlined with your social media presence and marketing strategies. This way, you will generate more traffic for potential clients to be able to recognize your unique selling points.

Helpful agencies like Changely offer several levels of guidance, from tips and tricks to full-service SEO and social media marketing.


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