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Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in Thailand

Bangkok’s Brilliant Interior Design In The Spotlight

Bangkok is a city where the creative energy of one diverse population is influenced by its surrounding multicultural treasures. The beautiful and unique architecture of this city, combined with the cultural heritage, creates a vibrant atmosphere that inspires an abundance of design and architecture innovation. One such creative stand-out is THAT’S ITH INTERIOR, recipient of the Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in Thailand 2021, awarded by the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

THAT’S ITH INTERIOR is a design studio that has designed more than 140 projects in the past decade. In addition to award-winning work, they have worked on many other projects, including the interior for The Address-Siam Ratchthevi and Nye by Sansiri high rise condo complex.

Palach Painupong, the founding designer and author of great distinction in the field of interior design, established THAT’S ITH INTERIOR in 2013 to pursue his distinct vision and expand his innovations to all aspects of interior design. He was trained as an architect in Thailand but later discovered that he was passionate about interiors, and so his love-affair with design started to bloom.

He's a designer recognized for excellence and creativity all over the world, including Vietnam, New York, London and Hong Kong. After 12 years of extensive experience, he's collected work within a variety of sectors – from hospitality, residential developments to retail and office environments.

THAT’S ITH INTERIOR is the ultimate design studio to be collaborating with, if one’s vision is to create jaw-dropping and strikingly memorable visual decor experiences. Definitely suited towards corporate projects, and high-level hospitality developments.

The team at THAT’S ITH INTERIOR are a cohesive group of creative minds, dedicated to bringing their clients the best designs. They have a passion for design and are on a quest to update traditional concepts. They work hard every day and play hard often. Lovers of art, fashion, travel, parties — they engage with the things that keep them growing and inspired. Their primary focus is on creating unique designs that showcase their clients’ true personalities that aim to last a lifetime.

The designers at THAT’S ITH INTERIOR create original, innovative and cutting-edge design concepts that become bestsellers and are celebrated for their unique style. They have set many design trends and their work has been featured in national and international publications.

These words like extravagant, luxurious, grand, and opulent come to mind when trying to describe their creative portfolio. Their designs are imaginative, sophisticated and luxurious in their unique use of color, texture, material and pattern. When asked about offering one piece of advice when it comes to interior design schemes, Palach Painupong suggested that one should aim for unique, inspirational and original elements.

To get a firmer grasp on the level of extraordinaire they deliver, browse their ‘Projects’ tab on their website, for visual eye-candy that will leave you breathless!

If you’re looking to create an extraordinary office, hospitality or retail space, get in touch with THAT’S ITH INTERIOR now to secure an appointment.


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