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Bevolo - History Renewed

When William Murdoch invented Gas Lights in 1792, he ushered in a wave of London’s most progressive era - the Industrial Revolution. As London’s Street Lights were relentlessly destroyed from the incoming bombs during WWII, no one knew that those same planes flying overhead would contain the technology that lead to the revolutionary history of Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights.

Jobs created through the massive manufacturing wartime effort of WWII were no longer needed after the war ended 1945, but the skillsets learned would create an influx in entrepreneurs and business, including Italian immigrant Andrew Bevolo, Sr. (Andrea Giovanni Bevolo, Sr.). Following the path of the American Dream, Mr. Bevolo would open Bevolo Metal Crafts - his business card would read “We Metal in Everything”. His knowledgeable metalwork skills acquired during his time on the first crew to develop the Helicopter lead to historic innovation in the Gas Lighting industry.

Through Mr. Bevolo’s efforts with inventor Igor Sikorsky, the iconic London Street Lights found their way to the U.S. and fortuitously to the French Quarter, either as souvenirs or antiques needing repair. Knowing that copper must be shiny clean in order for the lead solder to adhere, the talented Mr. Bevolo knew of only one solution, to hand rivet the failing joints and marry them together with a Copper Rivet, the same rivets he used in his Aviation career to hold aircrafts and landing crafts. This would give the pure copper fixture, which had a potential 300 year operability, a new lease on life.

This historic contribution of Andrew Bevolo to Gas Lighting technology is what makes Bevolo Gas and Lighting’s history so unique. The original 35 X 18 dimensions of that first historical lighting fixture remains an integral part of the Bevolo line of lighting today. You can find Bevolo lanterns on some of the most notable homes, restaurants, hotels, and street lighting throughout New Orleans and the world.

Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights come to life, illuminating nearly every building listed on the area’s National Register of Historic Places, including The Cabildo, The Presbytère and Jackson Square. Many famous restaurants and hotels, including; Brennans Restaurant, Tableau, The Royal Sonesta, The Bourbon Orleans.

Bevolo has 4 unique locations in the heart of the French Quarter and has solely operated out of New Orleans since the company was established in 1945. New Orleans is a exceptionally appropriate city to host Bevolo’s niche business since it was among the first in the country to have urban gas lighting, after Baltimore and Philadelphia, and you can still see its influence throughout the city – giving it a mysterious, alluring atmosphere that is almost transcendent and exudes the feeling that one has stepped back in time. Their showrooms also capture this essence and are a memorable experience in themselves – showcasing a collection of their “Patented Batwing Burner”, rated most efficient in the world, and vintage/antique lighting in a historic building. Additionally, the showrooms serve as an opportunity to glimpse at the craftsman handcrafting the signature lanterns on-site.


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