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Building-on-Spec with Moonen Yachts

When Rien Moonen purchased Moonen Yachts 40 years ago, he saw an opportunity that would benefit both the yard and yacht owners alike. It was this realisation that lead Rien to invest his own money to allow the shipyard to begin building yachts on spec.

This process is one which the current owners of Moonen Yachts proudly continue with today. It affords prospective owners a variety of benefits; the first of course being that the delivery time is significantly reduced, allowing the owner to enjoy quality time onboard their superyacht faster than ever.

Not only does building on spec significantly shorten delivery time, it offers the reassurance of knowing that your yacht is built on a proven platform with extensive research and development behind each build.

Demonstrating this with precision, is the latest design to come out of the Dutch shipyard with their 34m (111 feet) Moonen 110. The Moonen 110, currently called YN202, is the evolution of Moonen’s timeless “Moonen 84” and “Moonen 97” builds, both of which were the most popular builds of their time for the shipyard.

Developed and designed by René van der Velden with naval architecture by Diana Yacht Design, the Moonen 110 and her characteristically low profile, came about after the shipyard consulted current and prospective Moonen owners in order to discover exactly what they were after in a superyacht.

The hull of this ‘gentleman’s style’ superyacht, has recently arrived at Moonen Yachts’ shipyard in the Netherlands. Here she will reach each of the remaining milestones in her journey leading up to her launch in early 2023.

As the world adapts to the “new normal”, the yachting industry has seen an increase in demand for yachts, as people yearn for their freedom and discover that a superyacht can provide just that. Whether it’s a month long holiday or a weekend getaway, a yacht becomes a second home. Private, tranquil, an escape.

And of course, every home is an extension of its owners, a reflection of their style and taste. This is something that Moonen Yachts know and respect all too well. As the build process progresses from stage to stage, Moonen must of course make decisions on the design and styling aspects, from the layout to the paint colour, from appliances to textiles and everything in between. These decisions are made to make sure the project stays on track to meet it’s intended delivery date, however Moonen encourages the yacht owners to have as much input as possible, to personalise the way their yacht looks and feels.

Depending on what stage the owner joins the project, Moonen will work closely together with them to ensure their dream is fulfilled. The sooner you join the process, the more input you ultimately have.

Once complete, the Moonen 110 will be a head turner with her classic navy hull and white superstructure. Her exterior will be complemented by her high end, luxury interiors by London designers Studio Indigo. She will feature a spacious five cabin layout for 10 guests, floor to ceiling windows on the main deck salon, panoramic views and twin stairways from main deck aft leading down to the swim platform.

Of course, the final product of a superyacht will always be worth the long anticipated wait.. but why wait longer than you have to?

Benefits to building on-spec:

• Unique to you

• Higher resale value

• Lower cost to owner

• Shorter delivery time

• Built on a proven platform

• Extensive research and development

• Customised with your personal touch

• Continuous improvement of each evolution


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