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Burger Boat Company Provides Custom Yacht Versatility to Match Lifestyles

Finding the spark to create an ambitious adventure

Burger Boat Company provides custom yacht versatility to match your lifestyle

What does it mean – to you – to reach the pinnacle?

For some, it’s as simple as access. Access to stability and security, to health, home and happiness. Access to have and to hold. For others, it runs deeper. Access to freedom, to the remote and unreachable places. Access to chase and live your dreams. Access to the thrill – and fun – of feeling truly alive, to live a life without limits.

A dive into clear blue water. A sunset no one else in the world sees. A starry sky as clear as the view on the other side of our atmosphere. On top of your world. On a deck you chose. In a fishing cockpit you designed. Stepping out of a stateroom designed around your requirements. Standing at a bow you approved, clasping a steel railing you saw welded while the engines you selected carry you forward beneath your feet. On a yacht you saw grow from one sketch, one rendering, and one piece of metal into a soaring three decks unlike anything else in the world. Into a home away from home – a masterpiece grown out of partnership and vision that puts the wind in your face and at your back.

Building a custom yacht can feel like the pinnacle of luxury. How you do it is a manifestation of your ambition. Look no further than the trends. Futuristic design, time-warping classics, contemporary eco-friendly explorers, small and powerful cruisers that put speed and maneuverability in your hands. Art deco, art nouveau, carved wood of the finest craftsmanship, expansive windows, wide-open exteriors, or something that’s never been created before.

Building a custom yacht means options. Limitless options to meet limitless ambitions. The best way to reduce the clutter of too many options and too many choices is to have a conversation. With your designer. With your builder. To get an icon, begin with an icon.

Burger Boat Company has been leading discerning clientele through the unique partnership of custom yacht design, build and delivery for generations. For both long-time yachting enthusiasts and the first timers cautiously stepping into a new world, Burger’s track record – and the trust and rapport it forges with its clientele – gives owners confidence they’ve discovered the guide they need to set off on one of their lives’ true adventures; to reach the pinnacle … in whatever way it appears in their vision.

Burger’s engineers and design team work with owners to craft a remarkable experience: developing the specifics, reviewing the plans and making decisions with you, as a leader and a partner, as you watch your dreams materialize before your eyes. A builder like Burger provides concepts its clients can use to get started, perfect for honing their vision or for bringing their own ideas to a new design.

All borne out of a collaboration that gives you the privacy of a total escape. The control of your own, personal vision, a world crafted out of your own, personal inspiration. Versatility to match your lifestyle. Options to create your own icon.

That’s what happens when you build a custom yacht with Burger Boat Company. And the results speak for themselves in Burger’s iconic fleet. To learn more about partnering with Burger Boat Company, visit

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