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Effectively Manage Stress with the Cenegenics Elite Health Program

The body’s natural reaction to stress helps executives and other professionals perform well under critical circumstances, such as quick and effective decision-making and proving successful under tight deadlines. Stress is normal and in limited doses, can even be considered healthy.

Yet, stress that occurs on a continual basis has negative long-term effects on health. Activating emergency stress becomes increasingly difficult to avoid when our nervous system stops differentiating between physical danger and perceived threats.

Types of Stress

There are three main types of stress, each of which produce a unique response in the body. For executives and professionals dealing with extreme stress, it is critical to recognize the differences.

Acute Stress

The most common form of stress, acute stress, is a result of the demands of the near future. Work deadlines and short-term dilemmas can cause acute stress, a temporary type of stress that does not cause long-term negative effects.

Those who often experience acute stress, normally embody characteristics that help them excel in the workplace. However, they also endure a tremendous amount of stress due to juggling many responsibilities and pressures. Individuals facing episodic acute stress must manage their stressors in a healthy way to ensure long-term wellness.

Chronic Stress

Chronic stress occurs when real, physical danger or emotional threats are not present. Chronic stress is the most harmful type of stress and can have a number of effects on your body, mood and behavior. Chronic stress has a long-lasting detrimental effect to your health.

Long-Term Consequences of Stress

For professionals dealing with high levels of stress, it is especially important to recognize the effect it can have on your health. As your list of responsibilities continue to grow, your health is often put last, while work and other responsibilities continue to take priority. If action is not taken, chronic stress can contribute to limited concentration and cognitive function, inhibited sleep, and problems with personal relationships – eventually leading to energy depletion, poor work performance, and tarnishing long-term wellness.

How Cenegenics Can Help With Stress

Tackling stress effectively requires a comprehensive approach. At Cenegenics, our age management programs are designed with executives and professionals in mind. We provide practical solutions for mitigating stress and tackling its many consequences, both immediately and over the long-term. Watch Cenegenics patient, Dr. Brad Collette, discuss Optimal Health vs. Traditional Medicine.

Cenegenics supports healthy stress management practices including individualized nutritional planning to support the immune system and custom-tailored exercise programs to benefit the mental and physical states, thereby leading to a more focused, healthy, and engaged professional life. Watch Sonnette Kubik explain how Cenegenics “Improved My Life.”

Next Steps: Start Managing Stress with Cenegenics

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The pressures associated with demanding professions are inevitable, but through effective stress management with Cenegenics, you can boost energy, improve sleep quality, and increase cognitive function, to enhance career performance.


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