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ClearMirror - Luxury Fog-Free Shower And Vanity Mirrors

A bathroom is a reflection of your personality and your unique style. It’s the sanctuary you come home to at the end of a busy day. That Zen-like feeling you seek shouldn’t be marred by a foggy mirror, bad lighting or a dysfunctional layout. The art of creating a space where form meets function with flair and finesse is what the experts at ClearMirror and interior designers bring to luxury bathroom design.

Established in 1998, ClearMirror presents the ultimate looking glass for refined bathroom spaces. ClearMirror incorporates ultra-thin heaters and optional state-of-the-art LED panels to create a fog-free mirror with a vibrant light source. Powered by low-voltage, ClearMirror products are UL Listed for safety. All ClearMirror products are covered with a 5-year warranty and the LEDs are very reliable with a lifespan rating of 70,000 hours.

Particularly impressive is the patented Shower ClearMirror and lighted ShowerLite. Featuring a built-in heater the mirror is powered by the same switch as the bathroom light and begins working before stepping into the shower. “When turned on, the heat prevents condensation from ‘fogging’ the mirror surface,” explains Craig Ethier, Director of Sales and Marketing. The slim design mounts flush with the shower surround for a sleek, seamless finish.

In addition to shower mirrors, Clear Mirror offers vanity mirrors that can be customized to a homeowner’ s size and lighting specifications. The exclusivity of product design is just one of the reasons why bathroom remodeling specialists specify ClearMirror on their luxury projects.

After years of searching, veteran architect Michael Menn finally found the perfect mirror-one that wouldn’t fog up when shaving in the shower. He first discovered ClearMirror at an international builder show and became so enamored with their product line that he now includes ClearMirror almost exclusively in all of his designs.

“I am a huge fan for a lot of reasons,” Menn states. “The quality is unbelievable, the products are cutting-edge and ClearMirror comes in multiple sizes and lighting patterns. And, they have a defogging component that you can’t find elsewhere.”

A registered architect for more than 40 years Menn follows a design/build approach with his projects and has worked on everything from a powder room to a total home renovation to a complete new build. When meeting with clients Menn determines how to make the bathroom function best for their needs. Having a mirror-either in the shower or at the vanity-that doesn’t fog is always of critical importance.

“ClearMirror is about more than just defogging mirrors,” explains Menn. “It’s about making my clients’ daily lives a little bit better for just pennies a day. Anytime as an architect I can be a source for that, it sets me apart.”


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