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Compass Tenders - Leading the Way

The latest custom limousine tender to launch from Compass Tenders in the UK, is a 12m vessel that exemplifies superyacht style and finesse. Partnering a sophisticated exterior profile with a supremely luxurious interior, this limousine was built to accompany the 68m Wayfinder – a yacht that in turn, is a support vessel to a much larger superyacht.

Both the exterior styling and interior design was completed by Compass Tenders’ in-house team. The client’s brief was to make comfort the top priority, and this was considered with every aspect of the tender’s design and build. “Onboard comfort is assured by vastly reduced noise and vibration levels, an air-conditioning and heating system for climate control within the cabin, and Seakeeper stabilisers to smooth the tender’s motion underway,” advises Richard Faulkner, Founder and CEO of Compass Tenders.

The tender took the UK firm just 18 months to build, an impressive timeframe for a full custom vessel with exacting operational requirements.

Compass Tenders had to work within the size and weight parameters dictated by the already-in-build mothership. “Whilst we encourage clients to consider their tenders at the same time as the mothership’s design development, we are often faced with a situation where the parent superyacht is already in the advanced stages of build, or even delivered, and we have to come up with a concept that fits, performs and pleases,” comments Faulkner. Compass optimised dimensions and minimised distances as far as possible, carefully adhering to the stowage drawings, and produced a full-custom solution.

The 12m limousine tender transports 16 guests and can be boarded from both the port and starboard sides aft, and forward to port, easing operational processes for the crew. The interior cabin is accessed via an electric glazed door fore or aft, and the tinted glazing has UV reflective qualities.

As is often the case with specialist craft for the world’s finest superyachts, details of the interior itself are kept under wraps, to afford the owner their privacy.

The interior space is fit out to an exceptionally high standard, however. It features both USB and wireless charging points, integrated speakers, two TV monitors with a forward facing camera, and forward-facing principle seats in the aft of the cabin. There’s also a fridge for on-the-go refreshments.

“These amenities are fairly commonplace now within the tenders we build,” says Faulkner. “In every instance however, the overall interior style is unique to the vessel – with intricate detailing and meticulous care, we incorporate finishes and design accents from a specific and exacting client brief, developed over time. After all, boarding the tender is often someone’s first taste of their coming superyacht experience.”

Powered by two Volvo six-cylinder diesel engines producing 440hp and delivering a top speed of over 40 knots, this Compass Tenders limousine is confidently capable of all that’s asked of it.


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