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Cool For Cats - Compass Tenders

Yacht buyers around the world have gone mad for multihulls, with luxury models now on offer from many of the leading yacht brands. With this trend making itself apparent at the smaller end of the market too, we spoke with Compass Tenders about how they’ve applied their superyacht tender skills to this expanding sector of the marine industry.

Compass Tenders are no stranger to designing and building luxury limousine tenders and sports boats for their superyacht clients. When an opportunity presented itself to step into the semi-production sector with a catamaran model, the company did so – adding to the two custom catamarans already built for international customers.

“A catamaran’s stability and versatility gives them huge appeal as utility tenders for larger superyachts and with our innovative bow door that allows for easy beach landings or the loading of equipment, crew and clients love them,” begins Richard Faulkner, Founder and CEO of Compass Tenders.

One of Compass’ most successful catamaran builds to date is their 12.3m Shadow Kitten – the tender to a 68m superyacht. “The Shadow Kitten is intended as a watersports platform, equipment carrier, and high-speed superyacht tender for up to 17 guests,” continues Faulkner. “The boat is a real head turner with a striking exterior design, and she was awarded ‘Tender of the Year’ at the industry design awards back in February.”

It was whilst building the Shadow Kitten that Compass Tenders were approached by a client seeking a catamaran not as a tender to their yacht, but for use at their property in the Bahamas.

“I like to think of it as a ‘house cat’,” comments Faulkner. “This client came to us with a distinct set of requirements: He wanted a day boat for excursions from his waterfront Bahamas property, but the boat needed the ability to serve as a more versatile platform for water sports, fishing trips and socialising as well, and something capable of handling both the shallow Bahamian bays and the open sea.”

Compass have now added the stand-alone catamaran day boat, the ‘House Cat’ to their range and offer it in lengths between 10 and 13 metres. “Yes, it could be a superyacht tender, but we’re more excited about this boat’s potential in the leisure marine sector, as a luxury craft for recreational boating,” says Faulkner.

The catamaran day boat has an exceptionally large deck area, seating for as many as 20 guests, and galley facilities akin with much larger luxury yachts. “The boat’s wide beam gives it enormous possibility. The forward section can be used to transport scuba diving cylinders, stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, mountain bikes, even a quad bike – it’s able to take a weight of 1,000kg, depending on the sea conditions,” highlights Faulkner.

The first of this limited edition ‘House Cat’ has been fully customized by the client, incorporating solar panels on the bimini and a power station to charge their SeaBob water toys.

For those wanting a sports boat with broader scope of use, a catamaran like this is the stand-out solution. The boat can be boarded through doors in either side of the hull, with passengers stepping into the spacious section in front of the helm console. Guests can also step aboard via the sizeable aft swim platform or, when embarking direct from the beach, through the innovative bow door that unfolds and extends to create a stable walkway that meets the shore.

To aft, the catamaran has plenty of seating and two tables for relaxed dining, there are fridges, a sink, an L-shaped galley top and various stowage draws. A BBQ grill can also be incorporated so your catch of the day can become the day’s lunch! Ensuring onboard comfort for extended excursions, the catamaran is equipped with a shower compartment, toilet, and basin.

“The vessel is powered by petrol outboards, achieving a top speed in excess of 45 knots,” adds Faulkner. “Thanks to the catamaran’s stability, high-speed trips are completed in comfort with smooth, fast transit between locations.” With a draft of just 0.9 metres, access is permitted to most cruising grounds and anchorages.

As either a satellite watersports hub, luxury mode of transport, or day boat for use with family and friends, there is no more capable craft. The catamaran is the perfect accompaniment to any waterfront home.


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