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Corum Sets the Standard for the Finest Watchmaking

Praised for the aesthetic quality and technical excellence of its models, the Corum brand is proud to perpetuate the values and expertise of fine watchmaking while continuing to look towards the future by creating the watches of tomorrow, today.

Founded in 1955 in La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland), Corum has made creativity and daring its guiding principles. The Brand is continuing along the path mapped out by its founders and remains truer than ever to the iconic collections responsible for its identity and reputation, while enhancing them with a touch of modernity that combines innovation and cutting-edge technology.

The Admiral’s Cup range has been sailing the seas for more than 50 years, while the Bridges line has brought light to the watchmaking world for 35 years. Several models in the Heritage collection, such as the 20 Dollars Coin Watch, have left an enduring mark on watchmaking. Meanwhile, the watchwords of the Bubble range are modern and creative – when Fine Watchmaking becomes legendary.


Created in 1960, the Corum Admiral watch has achieved iconic status amongst all sailing enthusiasts and lovers of other noble sports. Its twelve-sided bezel and nautical pennants have established its legendary status over more than 50 years.

Designed for lovers of the seas and adventurers at heart, the Admiral collection incorporates two different lines: the Legend range, characterized by its classic functions and elegant design, and the AC-One line, robust, sophisticated and designed for extreme sports enthusiasts. (Pictured: Admiral Legend 42, model no. A395/03154)


Launched by Corum in 1980, the Golden Bridge model, with its spectacular “baguette” movement, has gone down in watchmaking history. With its characteristic elongated design requiring exceptional expertise, the exclusive Golden Bridge movement expressed its full potential and gave rise to some of the Brand’s most popular models, created as part of the Bridges collection.

More than 30 years after it was first created, the Bridges collection has now been enhanced with a round case. This delicate calibre is a physical expression of the technical feat of combining its vertical movement with a round shape. Rectangular and circular, and micro and macro come together in this model, designed to be a bridge between two fields of excellence – watchmaking and architecture.

The Golden Bridge is being reinvented in 2017 to pay homage to the ‘bridge’ that crosses it. As in architecture, the structure stands out by virtue of both its linear design and its curves and arches. The Golden Bridge Rectangle and Golden Bridge Stream adopt both the Art Deco codes and the latter incorporates an automatic movement.

(Pictured Right: Golden Bridge Stream, model no. B313/03296)


The Heritage collection expresses a form of creativity that is daring yet timeless and has built on the brand’s technical and aesthetic expertise for more than half a century. Unveiled for the first time in 1965, the legendary 20 Dollar Coin watch houses an ultra-thin movement embedded in a genuine 20 dollar gold coin. The Coin Watch worn by numerous U.S. Presidents and prominent personalities including Nobel Prizes laureates.

The latest addition to the collection is the Sublissima – a new jewelry creation with its mother-of-pearl dial surrounded by 25 round diamonds.

(Pictured Left: Coin Watch, model no. C082/03167)


Fifteen years after the dazzling success of its emblematic Bubble, Corum continues to celebrate this icon with several limited editions: The Bubble Gaming watches revive the signature themes of the original Bubble, such as roulette and joker, and the Bubble Tourbillon watches showcase versions incorporating grand complications.

In 2017, Corum presents Big Bubble: more space to express creativity and joy, to state your mind, to make the difference. 52 mm of space to be unique, to express your vision, to craft your dream. Be fun, be Bubble! (Pictured Below: VooDoo Bubble, model no. L390/03340)



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