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Create A Stunning Modern Bathroom With These Features

When it comes to doing up your house to make it look more modern and contemporary, there are mant different ways you can go. From creating a stunning minimal living room to installing an island in your kitchen, there are a lot of ways that you can do up your home and make it look more modern and sleek either for yourself and your family to enjoy, or to sell on for a profit.

When deciding how to vamp up a dull bathroom for a modern feel, one of the things you can do is look at other Homes for Sale in your local area for inspiration. Today we have compiled a list of some of the things you could bring into your bathroom to make it look brand new and bright this year.

Large white marble tiles

Choosing the best tile for your bathroom remodel is always a big task as this will inevitably determine what the room looks like. If you are unsure what style you want for your bathroom, the safest bet is to choose white, and adding a marble design will add a touch of class and bring some elegance to the space. Always choose larger tiles for a more modern look as this will give you the feeling of luxury that small tiles will not.

Grey wooden vinyl flooring

When matching a floor to your walls, the best option is to go for something that is neutral and easy to clean. Whilst you could choose to install tiles on the floor, this will be cold when you step out of the shower or the bath and the grouting can quickly become stained. Instead, installing some simple grey wooden vinyl will bring a freshness to the room and it will match poerfectly with the white of your walls..

Stunning teal blinds

When redesigning a bathroom there will always be the question of colour scheme - and choosing your feature coour will impact the look and feel of the space. Teal is a popular choice for this room and it is a modern colour meaning that your bathroom will look timeless and clean. Choosing some deep teal blinds can bring some much needed contrast to the space and once you add in some teal towels, it will set off the design and make it feel fresh.

A chrome vertical radiator

In many older bathrooms there will be those classic white radiators that take up a ton of space and also look clunky and old. To replace this, instead consider a vertical chrome radiator that will also act as a towel rail for the room. Not only will this take up a liot less space, but it will look much classier and make the room feel more expensive.

A waterfall shower

Last but not least, one of the best features you can bring into a new bathroom is a waterfall shower. With its wide head and stunning sleek design, you’ll get a beautiful asthetic to the room as well as having more enjoyable showers. What could be better?


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