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McConaghy Boats stands as a beacon of innovation and a symbol of the relentless pursuit of perfection in the realm of yachting. Over the past five decades, this powerhouse has redefined it, pushing the boundaries of performance and efficiency with groundbreaking advances in composite technology that have set the course for other builders.

Pioneer of Modern Yachting

Founded in 1967, McConaghy quickly made its mark with a daring spirit and an unyielding commitment to pioneering technology. The company has mastered the art of composite construction, creating vessels that are as robust as they are graceful. They've turned visionary ideas into record-breaking yachts, such as the innovative pre-preg composite techniques that have become their signature. This method, noted for producing lighter, stronger, and stiffer high-performance structures, has placed McConaghy at the forefront of yacht engineering, establishing a global reputation as the benchmark for quality and innovation.

Their prowess was further demonstrated in complex projects like building a submarine for filmmaker James Cameron, specifically for his Deepsea Challenger expedition, showcasing their capability in handling technically demanding composite constructions.

A Legacy of Record-Breaking Yachts

The McConaghy name is linked with crafting some of the fastest and most celebrated maxi yachts in the world. Legendary vessels like Alfa Romeo, Wild Oats XI, Icap and Leopard are more than just yachts; they are the embodiment of high performance and cutting-edge design. These titans of the sea have dominated and set records in some of the world’s most challenging regattas, including the Fastnet and Sydney to Hobart races, showcasing McConaghy’s commitment to excellence and speed.

Revolutionising Sailing in the 37th America’s Cup 

Among the latest marvels from McConaghy is the AC40, a foiling monohull that represents a quantum leap in sailing technology. This vessel is capable of reaching breathtaking speeds up to 50 knots, rivaling the thrill and sheer performance of a racing car. With its advanced automated flying mode, the AC40 allows sailors to pilot from the cockpit with unprecedented control and stability, offering an exhilarating new experience on water.

Chase Zero: a breakthrough of engineering innovation designed for the 37th America’s Cup 2024. The 13m hydrogen-powered, foiling marvel combines high-speed performance - reaching over 50 knots - with minimal environmental impact. Designed by Emirates Team New Zealand and crafted by McConaghy from full carbon, Nomex, and structural foam, Chase Zero offers an extreme robust, lightweight build of 5,600kg.


Custom-built to client specifications, it can be styled with a luxurious interior or race boat aesthetics and features all necessary equipment for ultimate comfort. Whether for high-speed cruising, fast transfers, or express chase boat for the America’s Cup 37, its exceptional speed and efficiency makes it an incredible tour de force which redefines eco-friendly, high-speed cruising. 

Chase Zero is a true breakthrough in how we experience boating.

Creating the Yacht of Your Dreams

At McConaghy, the visionary spirit extends beyond construction to the very way in which yachts are created. Building on its racing heritage, McConaghy focuses nowadays on a range of both sailing and power performance-luxury catamarans. These vessels are renowned for their performance, quality, luxury, and the unique blend of modern design with lavish amenities. Models like the MC63p, MC75, MC82p, and the latest project, the MC115p, demonstrate McConaghy’s dedication to innovation in performance-luxury catamarans.

Customer-Centric journey

What sets McConaghy apart is its commitment to customer involvement in the yacht-building process. From the drawing board to creation, each yacht is a collaborative journey, where buyers are invited to engage directly with the builders, making the construction of their yachts a truly personalized and inclusive experience. This approach not only enhances the ownership experience but also ensures that each yacht is a perfect reflection of its owner’s vision and lifestyle.

If you've ever dreamed of a yacht that embodies your spirit of adventure and your passion for the cutting edge, McConaghy invites you to become a part of their legacy. Here, your dreams are built with precision, passion, and a relentless pursuit of excellence

Join the Legacy

McConaghy's ongoing dedication to pushing the boundaries of yacht design and construction continues to inspire and attract sailing enthusiasts from around the globe.

We invite you to step into the world of McConaghy, to be part of a legacy of maritime excellence. Design and create your dream vessel with us like we are doing currently with the magnificent MC115p, and experience the pinnacle of yachting perfection. Your journey into the extraordinary starts here.

Explore our creations and start your journey at and discover the thrill of innovation and the luxury of custom design. Welcome aboard.


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