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A.A Rachminov Diamonds

"Some girls look good in diamonds. Some girls make diamonds look good." -- anonymous

But there is someone who makes diamonds and women look flawlessly divine. A creative mind that sees beauty in the rough, and then thoughtfully and artistically craves out perfection with such impeccability... a skill so well developed that it is truly a blessing from God. Who are the humble diamond sculptors gifting the world with sparkling delicacies of unparalleled brilliancy.

A.A Rachminov Diamonds owned by Ori and Mati Rachminov, who are the leaders and visionaries that have shaped diamonds into the luxury they are today. A.A. Diamonds is a family legacy that started in 1942 and progressed into a global brand of excellence when it comes to providing luxuriously large white diamonds in any shape and size, along with rare fancy colors fit for a fairy tale, in brilliant hues of blue, green, pink, yellow and much more. They at any moment can fulfill your fantasy of a 10ct or more diamond tailored to your desire. Their large selection of priceless radiant gems are in the thousands and always stocking dazzling beauties under 9ct so an every day queen can still have her dream ring.

A.A. Rachminov diamonds are all GIA certified but there is another reason why the most prestigious jewelry houses and diamond retailers seek the professionalism and superior quality of A.A. Diamonds, and its not because they can meet any order size regardless of magnitude or requirements…. No… its because when you contact A.A. Rachminov Diamonds you live the words of Earl Nightingale “ you are, at this moment, standing, right in the middle of your own ‘acres of diamonds.” When speaking to a representative of A.A. Rachminov, they will show you a vast field of diamond perfections that will speak to your heart, define your very persona or business, and shape while adding a night star sparkle to your idea of love.

I got the opportunity to speak and ask a few questions to Mr. Ori Vechler, cousin to the Rachminov brothers who has been working and over seeing the Chinese market for the last six years. His answers were just as fulgent as his gems; filled with emotion, sentiments and a deep understanding of the connection between women and diamonds.

Every little girl sees that ring on her mommy’s finger and day dreams about what her wedding ring will look like. With time, we women develop our own taste and become decisive about what shape, clarity, grade of diamond we want… We all know diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but best friends tend to dish out our little secrets.. so is our diamond preference a mirror of who we secretly are? What will your choice of best friend say about you? Mr. Vechler knows what woman want and who they are, and here is what he says about diamond shapes in reflection to personalities…. “When helping a client select a stone, the whole process becomes quite emotional. I love the fact that each woman likes different things, whether it’s the shape or color; there is always a special and unique preference. Women are very much like the stone they choose. For example the Asscher or Emerald cut is very clean and elegant, not overly shiny and doesn’t call as much attention as other brilliant cuts. Brilliant cuts such as round, oval or pear etc., have an intense scintillation and fire which expresses the desire of wanting to be noticed, because such cuts have much more facets and depth to them. I truly believe a woman’s preference of a diamond cut is related to her personality.”

Diamonds are all about self- expression which Mr. Vechler describes “I’ve learned is each person has a unique and different taste, sometimes truly original and as a professional it doesn’t matter what I particularly think of the specific item or design… To one person a design can instill immediate love or leave one entirely emotionless. We are all artists when buying jewelry and the design is our self expression.. and its always different and special. ”

Its not only A.A. Rachminov’s understanding of people, but, its their profound ability to see quality and never compromise on the standards of flawlessness. The world knows that they are set apart by perfection and that is how they have maintained being number one in such a lucrative and competitive industry as diamonds. Rachminov diamonds are carefully selected to meet a precise criteria; a diamond cannot be overly cubby, too long, too flat, or too deep…. No, it must be PERFECT!

A.A. Rachminov isn’t driven by money or lust, no it is based on a fundamental truth of passion and love for what they do. They see success as self achievement, because they know their international growth is because they succeeded in providing timeless pieces to others that will one day be a family heirloom, and that pride is the iconic gem in the Rachminov legacy.

“There are two kinds of diamonds in this world: the diamond itself and they eyes full of love.” – Mehmet Murat Ildan

A.A. Rachminov is a giver of both… each piece is cut poetry stemming from the grounds of exquisite taste and patience.. every diamond radiant and filled with fire strong enough to encourage the bowing of a knee and the uttering of the words “will you marry me?” …. Each one of their diamonds are a statement that you were worth the best, you deserve perfection… that knowledge of self worth is luxury at its best! A.A Rachminov Diamonds are the physical manifestations of love that your eyes will adore.




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