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Explore the Ocean with Malibu Surf Coach

Founded five years ago by Chris “Stingray” Stiegler, Malibu native, former pro surfer and globally trained surf instructor, Malibu Surf Coach offers an unmatched surfing experience in Malibu. Their personal coaching is also available by request at other locations, with instructors available to visit locations all over the California Coast, East Coast, and beyond. Although it does not give the same effect, virtual coaching lessons are also available.

Surfing may quite possibly be the perfect outdoors activity if you are looking for a new past-time during the never-ending pandemic. Luckily Southern California and states like Florida, Mexico, exotic islands, etc are blessed with beautiful weather year-round, allowing this sport to carry on regardless of the time of year. Especially in Malibu, surfing is a hobby and sport that continues to take place 365 days a year amongst locals, tourists, top VIPS and travelers. With safe practices on the beach and in the water, Malibu Surf Coach has made a name for itself as the top coaching company in Malibu and beyond.

The founder, Stingray, is a professionally trained surf instructor and lifeguard, having taught surfing all over the world from Spain to Australia, and is also the former coach of the Malibu High Surf Team, where they achieved many accolades under his coach term. He impressively led surf coaching for Quicksilver for 5 years in the Canary Islands as head coach, managed their SoCal Surf schools, and as a pro surfer surfed competitively in Hawaii, SoCal and Australia all before returning to Malibu to launch his coaching endeavor. As a Malibu native, his passion and knowledge for the local waves and water systems spans over 30+ years. He has an amazing team of professionals trained under his realm and Stingray is available for private coaching upon request.

Malibu Surf Coach also has access to exclusive beach locations for a truly one-of-a-kind surfing experience with beautiful backdrops, whether a beginner, advanced or intermediate. It is also a great activity idea for a group birthday outing, couples activity, or bachelorette/bachelor party. They maintain a top reputation and this can be seen by local alignments with The Malibu Beach Inn and Little Beach House Malibu (SoHo House Malibu).

Four key principles of Coach Stingray’s company are seeking to understand the ocean, a good life is a healthy life, surfing should always be fun, and that a humble surfer is a safe surfer.

In addition to surfing they also offer stand-up paddle (SUP), another highly popular and in-demand water sport. Private SUP sessions off of parked yachts/boats can be arranged in various marina locations along the Cali coast. | @malibsurfcoach

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