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Fashion Brands and Designers To Know In 2024

In the world of designer fashion, uniqueness is everything. The spectrum of fashion is endless thanks to personal preference and style, making it a thriving multi-billion dollar industry, constantly introducing new names to the game. 

Fashion lovers and experts worldwide always look for the latest talent, taking the industry by storm. Whether it is Australian fashion brand David Lawrence or Swedish-based Hodakova, there is plenty to be excited about in 2024.

Paolina Russo

It didn't take long for the fashion-forward knitwear creations of Paolina Russo to break into the fashion world’s most influential circles, and once you catch a glimpse of these incredible pieces, it is not difficult to see why. 

The label has already been named as a finalist for the 2023 Woolmark prize and won the inaugural Zalando Visionary Award in partnership with Copenhagen Fashion Week. Russo and co-founder Lucile Guilmard fantastically combine their personal pasts with fashion, creating techy knitted separates and soccer-cleat studded corsets. 

Conner Ives

Connor Ives has taken his role in creating eco-responsible fashion seriously, creating a line of interesting and creative designs that don’t sacrifice an ounce of fun and flair. The designer has repurposed almost 15,000 t-shirts since 2021, many of which were destined to end up in one of the many environmentally harmful landfills worldwide

His designs include slicing them into patchwork dresses and resewing pieces to make new tops. For his more recent spring showcase, he replaced the traditional runway show with a lookbook narrated by an AI-created Carrie Bradshaw. To capture the exact aesthetic he was after, he partnered with Depop to source deadstock and other raw materials to use. 

Karoline Vitto

Karoline Vitto stands out from the crowd by highlighting and showcasing the female body in ways other designers don’t. Instead of covering the body parts that are typically covered, including curves, rolls, and folds, these beautiful features of the feminine form are celebrated with sexy cutouts and figure-hugging silhouettes. 

The brand covers U.S. sizes 2-24 and is always modeled on curvy body shapes. Having debuted their lines during the 2022 London Fashion Week, they will return for the 2024 spring/summer season with solid support from the top fashion house Dolce & Gabbana. 


Attending a Pauphinette show can feel like a healing experience. Designer Olivia Cheng can only be described as an upcycling genius, with her trademark style including covering dresses, shoes, and bags in repurposed beads and other resin-preserved objects. 

The brand can best be described as whimsical and bright and anything but predictable. Cheng describes her work as ‘living artwork,’ and while her pieces may not feel appropriate for ready-to-wear fashion, they are guaranteed to unlock a creative streak in us all. 

Grace Ling

For many, Grace Ling was the most anticipated runway debut during New York Fashion Week in September 2023. At first glance, spectators were treated to an exciting futuristic spin on classic eveningwear, with eye-catching metal embellishments and sultry sheer fabrics. 

However, when each piece is properly inspected and broken down, one can see that the entire line was built on the foundation of functional fashion, with highly versatile pieces like blazers, tailored trousers, and comfortable skirts receiving a modern makeover. 

The Garment

The Garment calls itself a ‘monochrome’ universe. Under the creative direction of Sophia Roe and Charlotte Eskildsen, it has become the ultimate collection for anyone who loves minimalist aesthetics. 

Collections are typically showcased in black, white, and the occasional washed-pastel shade. Still, it is the clever layering and interesting textures that elevate these simple pieces into garments that are anything but boring. 


Hodakova, the brainchild of Swedish designer Ellen Hodakova Larsson, may describe itself simply as ‘converted goods.’ But it undersells the significance and excitement that the brand brings to the fashion world. 

Larsson is another designer who favors using deadstock and other upcycled materials, creating minimal but eccentric garments in a unique and refreshing way. The collection is set to debut during the spring/summer Paris Fashion Week this year, with column skirts, twisted t-shirts, trouser cargo skirts, and a knockout dress made entirely from pens. 


Many brands, both big and small, have made the claim of perfecting the ‘capsule wardrobe.’ And while some may have cracked this timeless fashion style, Fforme has achieved it in a natural and authentic way. 

Like all things in life, fashion has a set of rules that most major designers and global brands tend to use as a blueprint for their designs. And while these rules are not set in stone, they are a fantastic way of understanding how to build outfits. Creative director Paul Helbers wants to break down these rules to offer extended freedom in styling the ideal outfit by perfectly combining dressing that is intelligent and elegant. 

Veronica De Piante

Veronica De Piante may have only opened its virtual doors in 2022. Still, it has an air of sensibility that feels timeless, stretching across its line with outerwear, knit pieces, and chic evening dresses. Items like their double-breasted leather jacket or floor-length red silk gowns are classic pieces that can be passed down for generations to come. 

Each piece of the entire collection is intricately made in small batches in family-run factories in Italy, ensuring you have the utmost quality of garments made with love and patience. 


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