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Feadship Yachts - Pure 2023

Famed for its ability to create pure custom superyachts for clients, Feadship has unveiled a new concept featuring some of the boldest visions that have yet to see the light of day. Ready-to-build innovations pioneered on the 81.75-meter Pure include a concealed lower deck command centre, a ‘window-less’ exterior, future-compatible energy hybrid propulsion and a three-deck atrium made of glass.

The essence of Pure is the unparalleled visual and social connections offered by her open on-board architecture, with all parameters from structural integrity to fire & safety regulations meticulously calculated. The technical key is two central elements around which the rest of the yacht can be built. These physical components are also home to the main deck bar (port) and main staircase (starboard), serve as the fire and mandatory zones, incorporate the casings and offer discrete crew routing.

With this essential foundation in place, the creators of Pure have envisaged an extraordinary elliptical glass atrium which connects all lines of sight – and light – across three decks. Owners and guests can always find privacy in retreats like the balconies – one with a jacuzzi, the other seating – which close off with glass doors. Pure is an environment equally suitable for hosting amazing parties or displaying exciting art collections.

Strong and Calm

Minimalist at first glance, the sculptural profile has a very strong character. Drawn simply to generate calm, the lines merge seamlessly with the volumes – which make the yacht instantly recognizable from afar – and some highly finessed twisted surfaces. Underwater anchors replace pockets while the flush windows have no offset to the surface. A ceramic composition called frit is baked on the glass: black on the inside like a tinted window, white on the outside so people cannot look inside. The color scheme matches the overall shaping, making the windows virtually imperceptible from the outside.

This negligible exterior detailing generates an optical illusion so guests are unsure of how large the yacht is, enhancing the magic when they discover the spellbinding space within. Entering via the main deck, the wow factor will be immense as you try and take in the multiple layers – from the shaft of light emanating from the sun deck above to the cascading views over the beach club below.

Open Plan

The sun deck features a Jacuzzi, fire pits, bar zone and dining area with seating surrounding the giant elliptical skylight. In addition to this visual connection with the interior there’s a direct link to the owners’ deck below. Here the aft lounge is spectacularly coupled with the atrium, with the owners having the option to walk around the glass edifice. The master stateroom is in a prime position forward, located above the main deck tender garages.

The rest of the main deck is completely open with relaxation facilities strategically placed for the best views. Sweeping curved stairways lead down to the beach club which can be opened up when at anchor with three giant hatches. A retractable glass-bottomed Jacuzzi amidships means lower deck guest suite occupants won’t have far to walk to be suspended above the sea.

Submarine Bridge

As you’ll have realized by now, Pure doesn’t have a bridge deck. The yacht is controlled from a concealed Command Center where everything is simulated and displayed on screens using smart augmented reality visualization. The information comes from radar, AIS, maps, depth sounders and cameras strategically placed around the yacht, with the Feadship Foresight program providing data for situational awareness, motion prediction, routing, comfort and fuel efficiency. When visual lines of sight are essential, stairs lead directly up to wing controls on the owners’ deck, with another helm station on the sun deck accessible via the amidships stairway.


The propulsion proposed for Pure is equally future-compatible, devised to cover likely fuel requirements over the next decade or so. The tank deck compartments can be adapted with options assessed using the Yacht Environmental Transparency Index (YETI) tooling.Three scenarios are envisaged: the initial delivery in 2024 and two upgrades in 2027 and 2030. The launch version would be a diesel electric energy hybrid with the battery pack and generators running on fossil or renewable diesel. Fast forward three years to a refit with a hybrid of battery packs with generators running on methanol. Last but not least, Pure 2030 will feature all-methanol fuel cells with batteries for reduced plug-in functionality.

Discover more about this striking new concept design by watching episode 3 of the UnIQ series of broadcasts on called ‘Built through inspiration’

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