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Ferretti 550 - A Masterpiece Renewed

Is it possible to improve a masterpiece of the nautical art, a yacht that, in two years, has won over both critics and the market? The answer is a crystal clear affirmative: the new, magnificent version of the Ferretti Yachts 550.

The restyling was, in a sense, a simple enough task, considering it was based on a concept that was already so admired. For this reason Ferretti Group chose to accentuate those innovative elements, introduced two years ago, which had already achieved such incredible success.

Therefore, the main deck’s uninterrupted glazing once more ‘cuts’ the yacht’s profile, emphasizing its dynamic look. Then there are the three large glazed windows on the hull sides, with flush portholes, the cabin window, that perfectly complement the overall design and grant magnificent views from the interiors, as well as plenty of natural light.

It is in the design of the interiors, however, that the restyling took an original and surprising approach, which can be seen in the extremely refined choice of furnishings, made possible thanks to partnerships with the most prestigious luxury brands, offering the most sophisticated expressions of “Made in Italy” quality.

The new Ferretti Yachts 550 is, as always, the brilliant outcome of cooperation between the Ferretti Group’s Project Strategy Committee and Engineering Department and the Studio Zuccon International Project. The yacht combines elegance with a sporty character, enhanced by sophisticated style choices.

The dominant type of wood, throughout the entire vessel, is flamed walnut from the Piero Lissoni Collection by ALPI. It has been combined with opaque, greyish-beige and quartz-colored lacquered surfaces and a light-colored fabric that not only provides the character for the sofas and the surfaces of the furnishings, but has also been used to upholster the ceiling panel of the main deck. The result is a space that feels even more like a home, furnished with all those details that make it feel “familiar” to its owner, who has the feeling he is sailing in a floating suite.

Access is via the aft swimming platform, thanks to several steps integrated in the hull’s starboard, to which an electrical-hydraulic gangway leading directly to the cockpit may also be added. The aft swimming platform features a tender lift with a slide that extends for over one metre, allowing a tender of up to 3.25 meters in length to be easily and safely launched and hauled in.


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