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Finding The Function In The Fashion Of The New Range Rover Evoque

The more stylistic and aesthetic-driven alternative to the Range Rover Sport, the Evoque has always stood out as the wild child of the Range Rover family. It marked the moment that they stopped being cars for just off-roading but became the vehicle of the country estate with their new approach to glamour. Now, the new Evoque is flipping the script again, with a facelift that incorporates a few of the elements of the Velar, such as a more compact front-end design, as well as recessed door handles that slim down its profile considerably.

The Evoque isn’t just sporting a new look, however, It’s also incorporating a range of new technologies, including a mild hybrid system that allows for a more efficient drive than ever. However, it still has that rugged power that Range Rover is known for, beneath the fancied-up facade.

How will it handle the estate?

Even within the non-sporty Range Rover line, this car is not a sporty vehicle. However, it’s just as able to handle long trips, bad conditions, and country terrain as one would hope, with an increased precision in handling that makes it seem like it’s able to take the estate with a gliding ease thanks to a 4WD ability to take up to 60cm of uneven ground. Powered by a 2.0-litre four-cylinder range of engines, it comes in both types of diesel and petrol options, with the former ranging between 150 and 240 HP, and the latter between 200 and 300.

On the open road, it performs most admirable still, but given the heft of it, never quite feels like you’re getting the full benefit of the engine’s power, even on the P300. However, with a well-calibrated automatic gearbox and fantastic new suspension system, it’s worth taking a Range Rover test drive from the local dealership. It won’t let you down.

Comfort and convenience

With Range Rover, you always get that nice balance between practicality and luxury. The Evoque does lean a little further into the luxe end of things. There is a range of interior cladding options of different colours, including cosy leather, as well as wool and petroleum-based began options. The driver’s seat is well positioned, a high-seat that doesn’t feel too precarious but supports you rather well. Nice spacious backseats make it a decent ride for passengers, too.

New technological improvements include a decent infotainment system, with two screens, positioned one atop the other in the middle, allowing you to configure and monitor multiple options with ease, with apps from Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, something that hasn’t always been available in the JLR infotainment systems that the new Evoque is rocking. It also benefits from embedded cameras around the car that enable a very fancy and safe Ground View system.

Is it worth the closer look?

The Range Rover Evoque is still very much the car of the family suited for those who like a little more class and design. However, the facelift isn’t as important as the upgrade under the surface, which are substantial indeed.


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