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flyExclusive - Your Partner in World-Class Private Travel

flyExclusive is everything private flying should be. From our innovative Jet Club to our renowned Aircraft Partnership program to our newly launched flyExclusive Fractional offering, Members and guests can have it all: a highly personalized, world-class experience delivered with a level of excellence and consistency you can’t find anywhere else.

We fully own and operate a growing fleet of more than 85 light to heavy aircraft, from Cessna Citation to Gulfstream jets, that are ready and waiting to take you to any destination you can dream of. That means you get the best flight in the industry delivered in a way that works for you.

Want to get more value from you private flying and truly fly like an owner? Our Jet Club gives you the kind of access, choice and control you won’t get from any traditional jet card. It guarantees availability on flyExclusive’s fleet for a low monthly membership fee and an aircraft daily rate that enables access to the most aggressive hourly rates in the industry. Retain your membership for as long as you choose to fly and start flying immediately when you become a Member.

Do you own your own aircraft and want to eliminate the burdens of maintenance expenses, fixed costs and inconsistent revenue offsets that come from lease and management options? Our Aircraft Partnership Program allows you to fully cash flow your aircraft with fixed monthly lease payments and continued access to the aircraft for your flight requirements. You get all the benefits if ownership while we expertly execute the day-to-day operation for you.

Want full control over your flying at just a fraction of the cost of full ownership? Our flyExclusive Fractional Program gives you a true aircraft ownership experience with the consistently and reliability of our growing fleet. Purchase a share in a brand-new Cessna Citation CJ3+ and unlock a world of possibilities for consistent, world-class experiences without monthly management fees and access to the entire fleet in addition to your share purchase. Simply plan travel and don’t worry about hiring and training crews, insurance and other regulatory and operational matters. Our team of experts professionally manage those details so you can enjoy your flying.

The tailored experience we’ve created is built around luxury, safety and convenience. Our flight crews treat you as a member of our family, because you are. We provide only the best ground transportation and culinary service. Everyone in our operation, from our dedicated services teams to pilots, is ready and willing to make sure you get the best possible experience from your flight. And because we know time is everything, it is our mission to get you safely in the air as soon as you arrive at the FBO. Ensuring your trust and safety are essential to you, and we surpass your expectations in every regard.

With flyExclusive, you can have it all: an elite experience every time you fly, delivered in a way that works for you. Whether it’s our Jet Club, Aircraft Partnership Program or flyExclusive Fractional Program, we’re tireless in our pursuit of excellence. We treat you like a member of our family and provide a level of luxury, convenience and pure flying pleasure no other private charter operator can match. And we’ll deliver it every time you take to the skies.

To learn more about flyExclusive, visit or call 833-359-2582

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