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Foundry Michelangelo - Casting a World of Masterpieces

Michelangelo’s Pietà currently resides within St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. The original is carved from Carrara marble and was completed in 1499. That original sculpture by Michelangelo is believed by many to be one of the greatest ever created and is the only piece he ever signed. With the exclusive rights to build a posthumous, first-edition original in 18,000 ounces of .999 silver; Foundry Michelangelo has started the arduous process of recreating this fascinating, feat of man as the largest pure silver sculpture on earth. Yes, it’ll be amazing and yes, you read that correctly. The Pietà by Michelangelo, along with several other European renaissance era sculptures by such artists as Bernini and Cellini, will be cast full-size, in pure silver for the first time

Treasure Investments Corp. dba Foundry Michelangelo is your source for the world’s fine art masterpieces. They are a fine art company specializing in the creation of sculpture in several different mediums including bronze and precious metals such as pure silver and 24 karat gold. Treasure Investments Corp. (TIC) owns, maintains, and manages possibly the largest master mold collection in the world, representing the works of over 230 artists and their over 2,000 different images, exclusively. They strive to produce the greatest examples of sculpture available in the world today using the art of lost wax casting.

With the exclusive rights to create this art, they offer everything from small desktop pieces like The New Powerful Exchange, an image depicting the classic battle of bull & bear; to a project currently underway of a heroic-sized (life +20%) replica of a 1880s Concord stagecoach called Stagecoach Gold. This amazing monument is currently under construction with a possible completion date of winter 2022 and will be placed on display for the world to see at a gallery in Sedona, AZ.

Through one of their 6 profit centers, the access to this mold collection has given them the unique ability to give tens of millions of dollars back to different non-profit organizations around the country. They’re proud to support hundreds of live charity auction events every year with their stunning sculpture and this model continues today, successful and needed more than ever during the times we find ourselves in. As the anchor profit center of our company, the opportunity to provide support to these amazing companies and services is something we take very seriously at TIC.

Along with the charity auction model, TIC also attends several live trade show events and maintains and supports a consignment partnership with over 50 gallery locations around the country. These are the retail arms of the company, allowing them to see what is trending and changing in the world of art and sculpture. They love new challenges and together with their foundry partners across the US, they have the ability to change and move with the market trends or take on that custom, one-off piece you’ve always wanted.

Together with their foundry partners across the US, they have the ability to change and move with the market trends or take on that custom, one-off piece you’ve always wanted.

Please visit online or reach out to them for a show schedule to come see them in person. They provide the best product in the industry, managed, and distributed by the greatest team possible.


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