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Gacek Design Group - Woodbine Apartments

Welcome to Woodbine, distinct luxury apartments located in Downingtown, PA. With 218 units situated in three multi-family buildings, Woodbine offers amenity living with an unprecedented indoor/outdoor experience. Unique in the area, Woodbine is bordered by a six-acre park creating a sizeable green space. The buildings are positioned around an outdoor amenity of 1.25 acres- a labyrinth inspired courtyard with four manicured experiences.

Inspired by nature, Woodbine is the perfect site for an interior mindful of Biophilic Design, a design solution that reconnects people to the natural environment. Research tells us when natural elements are integrated into interior spaces, and inspirational, mindful places are designed, the result gives us live and work environments that are productive, welcoming, and less stressful. The design concept carried natural elements inside with Zen sand, live green walls, waterfalls, stream like motion to the floor, light woods, and reflected light for a sense of peace and serenity. This design style, Earthy Modern, is an eco-lux organic style highlighted by simple lines and natural patterns. Warm mid-century furnishings, classic accents, and a color palette of green, gold, cream, and ebony complete the look.

The Interior

The Lobby presents the first view of the open layout all the way through to the pool lounge. A terrazzo floor is bordered in brass and leads you along a pathway to strategically connect all seating zones. As you experience the space, the concept of Alone Together is evident with lounges that show a sense of separation and privacy. At the entrance, you are greeted by oversized orb shaped pendants of glass and bronze that define the Concierge on one side and the Beverage Bar on the other. These light sculptures make a statement as if they are floating in the space. Built-in curving desks of warm wood tones show off illuminated stone tops of white quartzite agate. The Fireplace Alcove features an architectural wall of vertical wood panels with ebony banding. A three-sided linear glass fireplace sits prominently like an art piece. You can’t help but notice the oversized swivel wall sconces, inspired by a fishing rod, that offers a full 180-degree swing motion, for a warm glow in the lounge. Lounge chairs in alligator black and green herringbone patterns, provide flexible seating. Gold leaf feather sculptures add natural interest. The Library Alcove is in complete symmetry features a similar wood paneled wall. A built-in bookcase with a curved ledge functions as desk space. A curved sofa defines the lounge and an aluminum cast coffee table creates surface space at varying heights with unique, organic lily pad shapes.

The Point, considered the primary focal area of the space, is illuminated by the elliptical detail that radiates from the ceiling and shows off that grid-like pattern. Golden waves of layered decorative chain hang from the ceiling cutout and add drama. The Bar Banquette sits directly under the central point with a tailored curved seat and wooden base. Leather strapped lounge chairs and cubed wooden tables add a cool factor to the space. The white marble Bar was designed with seamless waterfall details and includes upholstered brass bar stools with green chevron and black alligator fabric. Behind the bar is the Experiential Wall, with a nine screen 150” monitor that will show images of nature when not in use. A green wall adds life to the experience of bringing nature indoors and when fully grown, will showcase a variety of blooming green tones.

The Media Lounge, the ultimate gathering place, features a big screen TV that is surrounded by polished mosaic tile. An art display of square light boxes showcases organic, abstract agates of black glossy metal and mirror material. A sectional wraps around the space for casual comfort and a waterfall table and cozy swivel chairs add to the modern aesthetic. Custom felt dividers create a privacy screen while visually keeping the space feeling open. The pool table is carefully placed front and center to promote a sense of activity at all times. The custom pool table is a walnut tone with taupe felt. Circular pub tables with black stone tops and bar stools allow more seating with unobstructed views. Designed as study spaces when working from home or conducting a Zoom call, the Work Pods are side by side alcoves designed in the shape of a leaf profile with upholstered felt back and green leather seats. A TV monitor is included along with a quartz table and a brushed gold accent chair. A three-ring pendant provides just enough light.

Vibrant colors are intentional in the indoor/outdoor Den, offering nostalgia and whimsy. Cushion comfy sectional surrounds the curved, wall mounted fireplace, while unique furniture accents add natural elements like bird cage inspired chairs and a bright yellow tulip chair. Hanging lanterns, basket light fixtures, bird feet tables, butterfly wing photography tells the story of a garden.

The Work Lounge is co-working center most popular in new amenity spaces to include private break outs. Featured in the space is a two-sided fireplace with a Sisyphus kinetic sand table, guaranteed to help relax the viewer! A modern deconstructed library includes built-in banquettes, sofa lounge seating, table seating, as well as computer stations. A wall of sculptural sconces provides ample light and custom photography features colorful agates. Embossed croc black leather, and accents of green textures with agate inspired upholstery offer a high contrast look.


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