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Gateway Bronco - Explore What You've Been Missing

In the beginning, technology was offered as a solution. Simply a tool to better manage our time. And it has been. In part.

But in the wake of streamlining processes, making data access simpler, and building online communities that foster conversation – life has become much more complex. Technology has extended yesterday’s “clocking out at 5” to being plugged in 24/7.

But as technology evolves and quickens, so too does humanity. We adapt. It what’s we do. We change our pace to match that of technology’s elongated, rhythmic strides.

But sometimes…sometimes, it’s good to slow down and catch our breath. To dial back the complexity and unearth the real us. Get back to the basics. Release your inner child.

And there’s no better way to reconnect to your inner-self than in a reimagined Gateway Bronco. A magic time machine of sorts, every Gateway Bronco is a portal to a world brought to life by Ford Motor Company nearly six decades ago. Back in the good old days when gasoline hovered around a buck seventy-five a gallon and Johnny Cash ruled the airwaves.

Introduced in the mid-1960s, the Bronco was Ford’s first sport-utility vehicle designed for recreation and durability. It was the “go-anywhere” production vehicle and was met with stampeding success. After five generations of the Bronco, Ford paused production, leaving enthusiasts with 36 years (1965-1996) of rugged heritage to enjoy.

Fortunately, Seth Burgett, founder and CEO of Gateway Bronco gives us the ability to reimagine those early days. Combining classic American SUV styling with today’s leading-edge technology, Seth’s recipe is one of automotive magic.

Take for example the 1970 Boca Raton Bronco. One of the first LUXE-GT deliveries from Gateway Bronco, the LUXE-GT builds on the features that set Gateway Bronco apart.

It’s powered by a 5.0-liter Ford Coyote V8, but in this case, the customer requested to add a ROUSH Performance supercharger. That powerful V8 rumble will always hit the right notes thanks to the Active Tuned stainless steel exhaust with pushbutton control. The 4-link suspension is paired to Gateway Bronco’s proprietary Active Ride Control, enabling it to handle remote trails and highway road trips with equal confidence. The LUXE-GT comes standard with an industry-leading 7-year bumper-to-bumper warranty.

According to Burgett, “We build first-generation Broncos that honor the vehicles that rolled off the assembly line six decades ago. From premium leather to high-performance engines and suspensions, we offer the finest custom Broncos in the world. They’re not only beautiful; they’re also extremely capable. Fitted with Fox shocks and powerful Ford Coyote engines, our Broncos are equally at home off-road racing or cruising to school. They are the ultimate luxury SUV.”

But Burgett hasn’t stopped with his ultimate 2-door legacy builds. A serial entrepreneur and inventor with more than 40 pending or granted patents to his name, he is revolutionizing the industry with his reimagined, custom 4-door classic Bronco.

“With the release of the sixth-generation Bronco, Ford offered a 4-door version that took the off-road world by storm. Its introduction and immediate fame led us to reimagine the classic Bronco as a 4-door model as well. We’ve engineered the chassis and body of a 1977 model to create the perfect homage to the original. Our proprietary SUV blends all the beloved first-generation characteristics into one distinct and unforgettable modern vehicle,” added Burgett.

The featured 1977 4-door Gateway Bronco is powered by a 5.0-liter Ford Coyote V8 engine with a Harrop supercharger capable of 700 horsepower and mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission. Modern creature comforts include power-retractable steps, rearview mirror backup camera, push-button start with keyless entry, air conditioning and Apple Car Play.

The Ford Bronco brings along a legacy of adventure and reminds us of a simpler time. Breathing new life into this legend, Gateway Bronco sits at the intersection of modern technology, classic design and untethered vision. Behind the wheel of a reimagined Bronco the potential for adventure is untapped, waiting to be explored.


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