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Goldbergh - All Aboard the Glacier Express!

Goldbergh Luxury Sports is the high-end fashion brand that specializes in stylish, feminine ski and activewear. The brand was founded in 2009 in fashion capital Amsterdam. The brand has since grown into a well-established player in its industry with retailers in 34 countries on five continents and a webshop that ships its collection worldwide.


The women behind the brand are established sportswear designer Lieke van den Berg and Sandra Peet, an inspiring entrepreneur with extensive experience in retail. They brought luxury and fun together in perfectly designed sportswear. The aim was to empower women and make them feel independent, confident and feminine while being active. The exclusive brand became an instant success on the slopes.


Goldbergh incorporates fashion into sportswear design, taking women uphill or downtown in style. Fashion and function combined in premium quality collections to give women the freedom to move with confidence, whether conquering new heights in the snow or pushing their limits in the gym. The designers at Goldbergh never lose touch with functionality. Quality and craftsmanship characterize the brand. The innovative materials and techniques used ensure the perfect fit that both compliment your body and performance.

Goldbergh celebrates independence and being a woman. Every woman should have the confidence to go off-piste now and then. It’s important to go after what you want. You’ve got to be able to express yourself. Live life to the max!

- Lieke van den Berg

‘Goldbergh promises luxury and quality, but personality too. The Goldbergh woman has a twinkle in her eye, she’s not afraid to take risks. We understand how women feel about their body because we are women ourselves.’

- Sandra Peet


Goldbergh is passionate about creating clothes with care. It’s more important than ever to be aware of and minimize human impact on the environment. They worked hard to make sure that sustainability is stitched into every step of the production process, from protecting the people involved, to ensuring the materials they use are both humane and sustainable. Goldbergh’s believe is that it is within everyone’s power to make the positive changes that will protect our world for future generations.


This season Goldbergh takes you on an imaginary journey to Switzerland. Goldbergh is boarding the iconic Glacier Express that covers the route from St. Moritz to Zermatt. The alpine country’s versatile heritage is a rich source of inspiration for several themes and color stories.

The main theme, Glacier Express, uses the Swiss national colors and symbols in a playful manner. Red and white are mixed with black and a dash of gold and Latte. The juxtaposition of streamlined silhouettes and volumes refer to vintage ski fashion. The slightly oversized ski is reminiscent of the early days of fashionable ski wear.

This season’s coat and jacket designs evolve around volumes and new proportions. Besides the reference to Swiss red and white, there is also a gold-coloured theme, Golden hour. This theme takes you straight to the luxury aspect of Switzerland. The theme name is a tribute to the country’s watchmaking tradition and so is the Clockwork print. Their unapologetic love for the classic Goldbergh color combination of black and gold takes lavish dressing to a whole new level.

The theme Alpine rose; Inspired by local folklore and cute traditions like alpine picnics. It’s the sweetest of the seasonal stories with its soft pinks, pinky oranges and the fashion forward Red Rose color. The next theme: 80’s disco power, is an abundant mix of funky brights, an eclectic kaleidoscope of colors, patterns, and materials. To complete the collection, there is also a Graphic contrast theme. the opposite pole of the color/texture spectrum. The color theme consists of black and white only. Simplicity is in the lead for both classics reworked and innovative designs.


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