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Great Ways To Cook Outdoors Without A Kitchen

If you love the great outdoors then you should learn to cook in the open air without a kitchen. Solo Stove smokeless fire pits are one such option yet you could simply try a barbecue grill, a pizza oven, a campfire grate, or a solar oven. Some methods may produce more smoke than others yet each come with a rustic charm and produce delicious foods. If you like a little char with your food then there are some great ways to cook outdoors without a kitchen.

Smokeless Fire Pits

The Solo Stove smokeless fire pit uses a unique airflow design to create a means for outdoor cooking. This can be done over a campfire or a backyard fire pit without any smoke. It is portable so you can take it on trips and it can be easily set up.

Campfire Grates

Cooking outdoors does not necessarily mean in your own backyard as you could use a campfire grate. This is for adventures held off the grid where you place a grill grate over the hot coals of a campfire or a fire pit. Insist on a specialist pan and simply check your food every once in a while.

Pizza Ovens

An outdoor pizza oven can be a game changer for outdoor cooking. While you may be used to using your conventional oven, a pizza oven can reach higher temperatures and create crispy pizzas in a fraction of the time. The wood-fired method also means little clean-up and you can use it to bake bread. Consider a pizza party and get creative with your toppings as they will be ready in no time at all.


For those with a few hours to spare, use a smoker to create long-roasted, delectable ribs, chickens, or vegetables. You should enjoy the bold flavor that comes from cooking foods for long periods of time at low temperatures in a smoker. This is a flavor that you will struggle to replicate in a kitchen without setting off an alarm so make the most of it.

Barbecue Grills

Though you can choose between natural gas, charcoal, and propane, using a barbecue grill is the best way to cook outdoors for many people. When the sun is out, and even when it isn’t, heat up the grill and throw on some hot dogs, steaks, and burgers. You can also use a side burner for a few sauces to cover your charred meat in.


A rocket stove kinda looks like a rocket and uses a single burning log to generate the heat for the grate that sits on top. Without a huge amount of fuel, you can generate a lot of heat from this L or J-shaped grill which has an opening at both ends. You can even build a rocket stove yourself from concrete blocks, bricks, or other upcycled materials.

Outdoor Ovens

There are several types of outdoor ovens that you can use for cooking outdoors. One of which is a solar oven which uses the power of the sun to radiate heat for cooking without using any flames or fuel. Of course, it should be a nice sunny day for it to work well with the sun’s rays yet it can create a temperature of around 250°F which may be ideal to slow cook a stew.

Should you have some hot coals as the remnants of a campfire, use them wisely by cooking with a Dutch oven. These pots are made from cast-iron and are ideal for cooking at high temperatures but can be heavy and get very hot themselves.

There are various ways to create an outdoor oven and you can use natural materials like mud, dry grass, and straw. These are built by digging a hole to house a fire or coals. They do require some effort to create but can be exceptionally rewarding.

Pot Tripod

If you have a roaring campfire going, use this old-fashioned method of cooking. Fill your pot with a soup, stew or pasta and then dangle it over the flames in a tripod with a hook. The tripod stands about three feet above the fire and the heat will create delicious food while you warm yourselves against the fire.


Enjoying the great outdoors should mean creating a fire to keep you and your party warm when the sun goes down. This is also an ideal opportunity for some rustic cooking and you can use a variety of methods. There are various outdoor ovens to try as well as a pot tripod and campfire grates. However, if you are in your backyard then you could fire up the barbecue, the smoker, or a pizza oven.


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