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green o - History Unfolds Here

Rising up amid towering pines, the newest addition to the Paws Up collection glimmers and shines, its architecture a reflection of the surrounding landscape. Welcome to the green o, a luxury adults-only resort set on a densely wooded hillside at the edge of the ranch and opening its doors on June 1, 2021.

It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen in the forest, a modern Montana wonderland for grown-ups who crave a more playful and intimate connection with the wilderness and each other.

Like exquisite geometric wildflowers, the green o’s 12 secluded Haus accommodations are available in four hygge-sleek styles. Smartly integrated with the wilderness for total privacy, each Haus is meant for two adults. Inviting the outdoors in are unique architectural features like expansive decks and rooftop space, outdoor hot tubs, indoor and outdoor fireplaces and scenic views from every angle. “The inspiration for all four green o home styles was nature, says Paws Up and green o co-owner Laurence Lipson. “Their design was driven by the singular objective to fully immerse guests in the inspiring Montana forest.”

Climb a spiral staircase that winds in and out of the elevated three-story Tree Haus for nose-to-pine views or trace the shape of the infinity symbol as you wander from the glass-enclosed bedroom to the retro sunken conversation pit of the aptly named Round Haus. At night, endless sight lines to the stars and moonlit trees radiate out from the center of the Light Haus.

But then how to resist a sip of wine on the deck of the Green Haus with a fire flickering between you and the glass-encased living room? By morning, floor-to-ceiling windows in every Haus play a scene of deer canvassing for buttercups and glacier lilies, Ponderosa pines peppered with mountain bluebirds and the sun peeking through the treetops. Authentic Montana adventures await just outside. Stroll to the Social Haus for an inspiring live-fire dining experience, or venture just beyond for full access to every experience on offer at Paws Up, from horseback riding and fly-fishing to chuck wagon dinners and cocktails at Tank.

We dare you to imagine a more luxurious expression of balance with the natural world. Come see for yourself at the green o, now accepting reservations. Details are at

With the strike of a match, Executive Chef Brandon Cunningham sets the stage for a spectacular fine-dining experience at the Social Haus, the restaurant and lounge available only to green o guests. The star of the show at this intimate 12-table affair: live-fire cooking, masterfully stoked by his dexterous hands. Previously of Portland’s elegant Castagna and Ned Ludd, Cunningham honed the craft under the tutelage of legendary Chef Jason French, among others.

On the menu at the green o, he says, “Nature will show up in the form of fire and in the actual ingredients.” To achieve that, Cunningham plans to forage right outside his back door for dishes such as a thinly sliced Paws Up beer seared on fire-roasted Blackfoot River rocks, a duck terrine infused with juniper, a salmon tartare presented atop freshly fallen snow and even a spruce-infused ice cream. “It’s fantastic,” Cunningham says of the mixture blended with neon-green buds churned with cream and sugar. It “tastes like mint but with a more forest-y flavor.” Cunningham’s dishes will also focus on vegetables, including smoky leeks charred to perfection and giant beets steamed for hours in hot coals. “It’s fun to see these vegetables transform and still present so elegantly on the plate.” But the ultimate joy at the Social Haus will be in taking that very first bite.


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