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Hampton Water - Jon Bon Jovi & Jesse Bongiovi

Jesse Bongiovi and Ali Thomas shared a vision to disrupt the wine category with a wine brand that is unlike the others. The two, along with Jesse's dad Jon Bon Jovi, created the full concept of the brand and brought on famed French winemaker, Gerard Bertrand.

The wine is fresh and lively, and its aging in New French Oak barrels for 30-60 days makes it less acidic and more enjoyable to drink than other rosés from the South of France.

Hampton Water rosé is not just another celebrity product, it’s a family business that has earned four consecutive 90 point ratings from Wine Spectator, earned a spot on both WS and Wine Enthusiast Top 100 lists, has been awarded Market Watch’s Best New Product in Wine, and has earned a Wine and Culture Wine Star Award from Wine Enthusiast.


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