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Hope’s Windows, Inc. Highlights Old World Suitewith Thermal Evolution Technology

Exceed Today’s Most Stringent Thermal Codes While Maintaining Classic Aesthetics

Hope’s Windows, Inc., the nation’s leading manufacturer of custom-designed, solid steel and bronze window and door systems, highlights that its classic Old World SuiteTM can be enhanced with Thermal EvolutionTM technology. This unique combination allows customers to achieve increased thermal efficiency while maintaining the timeless aesthetics of Hope’s classic steel windows and doors.

Hope’s Old World Suite blends timeless style with modern performance. These hot-rolled steel windows and doors provide the perfect fit for projects calling for classic solid steel windows and doors with old world style three-point casement or arrow-shaped profiles. Boasting uniquely slender sightlines, these designs are perfect for both new constructions and replacement projects. Customers can glaze the Old World Suite’s fixed and operable configurations with monolithic or  insulated glass for energy efficiency. 

Customers can also enhance the Old World Suite with Thermal Evolution technology to maintain the intrinsic strengths of solid hot-rolled steel while significantly increasing thermal efficiency.  This technology provides a superior approach for creating a thermal break in fixed and operable, time-tested solid hot-rolled steel windows and doors. Thermal Evolution leverages a fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) isolator that is precision machined to perfectly fit within Hope’s hot-rolled solid steel frame profiles. The FRP isolator is not only highly thermally resistant, but also structurally bonds to Hope’s steel window and door frames. This creates a powerful and enduring composite construction that enhances thermal efficiency and resists condensation.

For more information about Hope’s Old World Suite, visit For more information about Thermal Evolution technology, visit  

About Hope’s Windows, Inc.

Hope’s Windows, Inc. has handcrafted the world’s finest windows and doors for over a century. Hope’s custom-designed, solid hot-rolled steel and bronze doors and windows are universally praised for their strength, durability, and unparalleled aesthetic value. Hope’s prides itself on a long-standing commitment to safety and certification, and the company subjects its products to more third-party testing than any other steel window and door manufacturer. Inherent material strength, along with Hope’s meticulous manufacturing processes, finishing techniques and extensive testing, result in windows and doors that last in even the most extreme environments – sustaining their beauty and performance for generations. Visit


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