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Hope's Windows - The Ultimate Luxury of Solid Bronze Windows & Doors

Hope’s Empire Bronze™ windows and doors are the ultimate complement to your luxury home, your personality, and your lifestyle.

Dating back as early as the 15th century, bronze has been an architectural material of choice for the most opulent homes. Over the centuries, bronze has maintained its status as a prized metal expressing luxury, high value, and prestige. Its ageless beauty, timeless elegance, and distinct character demand attention from all.

Hope's Empire Bronze windows and doors are crafted from architectural bronze frame profiles. Architectural Bronze describes a metal alloy of copper, zinc, and other metals that produce incredible strength, corrosion resistance and durability. Along with these qualities is an aesthetic appeal that only improves as it ages.

Bronze naturally develops a desirable patina which darkens over time, giving each window and door frame individual character. From a natural gold tone to hues of warm statuary bronze, rich deep browns, or even verdigris – your chosen patina is created by hand using various aging processes before a protective coating is applied to deter further changes.

Every Hope’s window and door is custom designed and expertly handcrafted to achieve your vision. Whether you are restoring a historic property or building from the ground up, Hope’s windows and doors fit any style of architecture. Each curve, profile and patina fully reflects your individual style.

Solid bronze offers unrivaled resistance to corrosion, even in coastal environments. Hope’s fully tested and certified hurricane resistant bronze windows and doors provide protection from rain, hail, wind and flying debris while maintaining your desired aesthetic and eliminating the need for storm shutters.

Hope’s also provides bespoke doors and windows that define interior spaces without blocking natural light to create airy, bright and inviting spaces within. Interior glass divisions reflect contemporary lifestyle trends that abandon smaller compartmentalized spaces for a larger and more open feeling. They combine the lofty ideal of the open floor plan with the functional purpose of separate and transitional spaces. They also serve to create unique focal points and showcase collections – such as gallery art, library collections, and even wine rooms where climate control is imperative.

Graceful, Slender, Elegant, Refined—these words often describe the unique look of Hope’s windows and doors. The distinct appearance of solid steel and bronze windows and doors is characterized by uniquely delicate frames with narrow sightlines and large areas of glass.

These narrow and graceful lines, however, belie their formidable strength and durability. Hope’s handcrafted bronze windows and doors are built to last for generations with minimal maintenance. Solid bronze frames will not rack or distort with age and hardware will not loosen over time.

Showcasing the very best in Hope’s creativity and craftmanship, our architectural bronze windows and doors are built upon an unrivaled combination of advanced technologies and handcrafted American workmanship. Beautiful material and precision manufacturing provide eye-catching detail, as well as impeccable style and performance.

Hope’s has been designing and handcrafting custom steel and bronze windows and doors for more than a century, and continues to refine the art that makes them the most luxurious and longest lasting in the world.

At Hope’s, we create more than windows and doors. We create a lifestyle.


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