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Hope's Windows - The World’s Finest Handcrafted Windows and Doors

You’ve found a property with the most breathtaking view, your piece of paradise. You’ve created a vision that is your heart’s desire, your dream home. Make sure you enjoy the full view.

Hope’s Windows, Inc. provides extraordinary homes with the world’s finest steel and bronze windows and doors—timeless in appearance and enduring for generations.

To say that Hope’s is the source of the world’s finest windows and doors is a bold statement! However Randy Manitta, President/CEO of the company, makes this claim with a depth of personal knowledge deriving from a 44-year tenure in the industry.

Hope’s is the oldest and largest manufacturer of steel and bronze windows and doors in the United States. Designing and handcrafting solid steel and bronze windows and doors since 1912, the company continues to refine the art that makes their products the most sought-after, luxurious and longest lasting in the world.

Hope’s solid steel and bronze windows and doors have a distinct appearance characterized by uniquely delicate frames and large areas of glass. This refined quality of elegance is impossible to achieve with other mediums. “Steel is one of the oldest materials used to manufacture windows, though it is often one of the least understood,” contends Manitta.

Solid steel and bronze are stronger than any other window and door materials—strength that allows for substantially thinner frames, larger glass lites, and virtually unlimited scale and shape. This strength and design flexibility translates to more natural light and wider views.

Moreover, steel and bronze have a better natural insulating capability compared to other metals such as aluminum. This, together with modern advancements in glazing, results in exceptional thermal performance and condensation resistance.

Hope’s engineers took that performance to new heights with the innovation of Thermal Evolution technology. This system, exclusive to the brand, is an advanced thermal break that enhances performance without splitting the steel frames, thus maintaining the structural integrity of the steel.

Defying the austere ruggedness often associated with steel, Hope’s windows and doors become a tactile piece of the architecture—a surprisingly opulent interaction with smooth, graceful movement at the touch of a finger.

The story of a Hope’s window or door begins with the transformation of raw steel into geometrically complex and remarkably strong frame profiles through a process called hot-rolling. Hope’s solid, hot-rolled steel and solid bronze frame profiles are exclusive to the brand. Each is engineered with strength, purpose, and aesthetic in mind.

Every Hope’s window and door is completely custom and crafted by hand to achieve your specific aesthetic and performance criteria. Manitta explains that this sort of production is not typical in the modern industry. “In today’s world, you usually see more automation,” he says, adding that the Hope’s facility often reminds visitors of the blacksmith’s shops of a bygone era.

Walking through the door of Hope’s factory is like taking a step back in time. You hear the din of hammers and tools as craftsmen use 100-year-old methods to give shape and form to steel. Each step of the process is completed with unrivaled artistry by a practiced hand and an expert eye. It takes time, but it is the only way to ensure windows designed to last for generations.

“We place great trust in our craftsmen,” emphasizes Robert DuBois, Vice President/Operations. “It’s an art, and the countless luxury homes and prestigious buildings across the country are a testament to their skills.”

Whether you are restoring an historic property or building anew, Hope’s windows and doors fit every variety of architecture from grand, traditional estates to sleek, contemporary homes. Every Hope’s window and door is custom crafted to your specific vision. Each curve, profile and placement, material and finish fully reflects your individual style.

Widely regarded for their ability to customize to meet virtually any demand, Hope’s went beyond to create an entirely new product that replicates and preserves the historic window features of the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. The resulting arrow-shaped profiles are unique to the present-day market.

This incredibly thin and elegant arrow-shaped profile became increasingly popular, and demand grew for doors and other operational types in the residential market. Hope’s responded and is delighted to announce the release of their new complete product line—Hope’s Old World Suite.

Hope’s enterprising team never stops imagining how its products can progress, from rethinking the smallest details to designing entirely new systems. This dedication to innovation has maintained Hope’s place in the forefront of the field for more than 100 years.

Hope’s subjects its products to more third party testing and certifications than any other steel window and door manufacturer. The company’s uncommon diligence provides peace of mind and delivers proven performance and protection from harsh climates, corrosive coastal environments, and extreme weather events.

For more than a century, Hope’s handcrafted steel and bronze windows and doors have been synonymous with longevity and quality. From the development of truly visionary design concepts through an unparalleled finishing process, Hope’s is the first choice in premium quality steel and bronze windows and doors built to last a lifetime and beyond.


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