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Hope's Windows - The World’s Finest Handcrafted Windows and Doors

Hope’s Windows, Inc. provides extraordinary homes with the world’s finest steel and bronze windows and doors—timeless in appearance and enduring for generations.

For more than a century, Hope’s handcrafted steel and bronze windows and doors have been synonymous with longevity and quality. From the development of truly visionary design concepts through an unparalleled finishing process, Hope’s is the first choice in premium quality steel and bronze windows and doors built to last a lifetime and beyond.

Photo by Steve Hall, Hall + Merrick

Steel and bronze windows and doors have a distinct appearance characterized by uniquely delicate frames and large areas of glass. The superior strength of solid steel and bronze allows for substantially thinner frames of virtually unlimited scale and shape. This refined quality of elegance is impossible to achieve with other materials.

Defying the austere ruggedness often associated with steel, Hope’s windows and doors become a tactile piece of the architecture—a surprisingly opulent interaction with smooth, graceful movement at the touch of a finger.

Every Hope’s window and door is custom designed and expertly handcrafted to achieve your specific vision. Whether you are restoring an historic property or building from the ground up, Hope’s windows and doors fit any style of architecture from traditional to contemporary and everything in between. Each curve, profile and finish fully reflects your individual style.

Photo by Steve Hall

For coastal homes, Hope’s offers the largest selection of fully tested and certified windows for use within hurricane and impact zones. Hurricane resistant windows and doors provide protection from rain, hail, wind and flying debris while eliminating the need for storm shutters. Impact-rated products are certified to Florida Building Code standards and are approved for High Velocity Hurricane Zone areas.

For homes in cold climates, Hope’s offers its patented, award-winning Thermal Evolution technology. This advanced system, exclusive to the brand, enhances thermal performance and condensation resistance without dividing the steel frames, thus maintaining the structural integrity of the steel.

Photo by Pete Albert

Hope’s also provides custom doors and windows that define interior spaces without blocking natural light to create airy, bright and inviting spaces within. Interior glass divisions reflect contemporary lifestyle trends that abandon smaller compartmentalized spaces for a larger and more open feeling. They combine the lofty ideal of the open floor plan with the functional purpose of separate and transitional spaces. They also serve to create unique focal points and showcase collections – such as gallery art, library collections, and even wine rooms where climate control is imperative.

Hope’s custom crafted windows and doors are built to last for generations with minimal maintenance. Hope’s protective coating and finishing system provides superior long-term protection against corrosion and abrasion whether your home is inland or oceanfront. Moreover, steel and bronze windows and doors will not rack or distort with age and hardware will not loosen over time.

Hope’s is the oldest and largest manufacturer of steel and bronze windows and doors in the United States. Designing and handcrafting solid steel and bronze windows and doors since 1912, the company continues to refine the art that makes their products the most sought-after, luxurious and longest lasting in the world.


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