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Hope's Windows - Thermal Evolution of Steel Windows and Doors

Hope’s Windows, Inc. provides extraordinary homes with the world’s finest steel windows and doors. Hope’s has been designing and handcrafting custom steel windows and doors for more than a century, and continues to refine the art that makes them the most luxurious and longest lasting in the world.

Steel windows and doors have a distinct look that is unmistakable. Their refined elegance is characterized by whisper-thin frames, delicate muntins, and large areas of glass and is made possible with the remarkable strength of solid steel frame profiles, an aesthetic impossible to achieve with other materials.

Despite the cold ruggedness often associated with steel, Hope’s windows and doors become an inviting and tactile piece of the architecture. You will find the interaction to be surprisingly opulent with smooth and graceful movement at the touch of a finger.

Hope’s has redefined luxury for homes in Northern climates with their exclusive Thermal Evolution technology, offering a new level of freedom to design and build bespoke windows and doors that will keep your home cozy and warm even in the coldest of seasons.

This innovative system enhances thermal efficiency without dividing the frames like a standard thermal break. Keeping the solid steel intact maintains the structural integrity of the frames and allows for larger openings with the quintessential narrow sightlines that make steel windows and doors so timeless.

A Hope’s window or door equipped with Thermal Evolution technology features a thermal isolator that is precision-machined to nest perfectly within Hope’s traditional solid steel frame profiles. It is then structurally bonded to the steel to create a powerfully strong and enduring composite construction that delivers impressive thermal efficiency and enhanced condensation resistance.

There is no comparison in strength and durability between Hope’s solid steel windows and those that simply contain steel parts. Hope’s is the first and only manufacturer of true solid steel windows and doors with a thermal break.

Every Hope’s window and door is custom designed and expertly handcrafted to achieve your specific vision. Whether you are restoring an historic property or building from the ground up, Hope’s windows and doors fit any style of architecture from traditional to contemporary and everything in between. Each curve, profile and finish fully reflects your individual style.

Hope’s custom crafted windows and doors are built to last for generations with minimal maintenance. Hope’s protective coating and finishing system was developed in cooperation with top U.S. metallurgists and architectural coatings experts to ensure that windows and doors remain pristine and protected against corrosion and abrasion for decades. Moreover, steel windows and doors will not rack or distort with age and hardware will not loosen over time.

For more than a century, Hope’s handcrafted steel and bronze windows and doors have been synonymous with longevity and quality. From the development of truly visionary design concepts through an unparalleled finishing process, Hope’s is the first choice in premium quality steel and bronze windows and doors built to last a lifetime and beyond.


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