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How To Pack For A Luxurious Weekend Getaway

Perhaps one of the best parts about going on a weekend trip is planning what your OOTDs will be. You bet it'll be exciting to mix and match your outfits, think of shoes to pair them with, and imagine what your poses will be when it's time to take lots of pictures. But if the trip is only for a few days—a weekend, to be exact—deciding what to pack can be a real stressor.

If you're planning a luxurious weekend getaway soon, the key is to get started with your packing plans so you won't have to cram when it's only a few days away. Think of what your absolute essentials are and start from there. Of course, you must stay sophisticated and stylish even when in DND (do not disturb) mode, so knowing what to bring can make or break your luxury trip.

That said, here are some tips and tricks you might find helpful when packing for a lavish weekend getaway with your beau, family, or friends:

  • Consider Your Itinerary

You don't want to end up packing the wrong clothes and accessories just because you failed to check or consider your trip's itinerary. Will you be going to the beach? If so, lightweight strappy dresses and shoestring sandals from high-end brands like Scanlan Theodore are preferable. Maybe you're attending a lavish wedding destination, requiring you to bring at least two formal dresses and some party clothing pieces for late-night partying with the entourage.

Likewise, if your main reason for traveling is to attend a corporate event, bring your business attire and at least two cocktail outfits for mingling in the evening. Apart from being stylish and sophisticated, it also pays to consider if you'll be comfortable with your clothes, especially when you know the events or affairs could last for hours or the whole day.

  • Plan Your Daily Outfits And Accessories

Your plans could suddenly be derailed by not knowing what to wear or by having mismatched clothing. It'd help if you use a sorting strategy when packing your suitcase to reduce stress and make you feel ready and in control every day. To ensure you have just enough for the duration of your trip, consider packing clothing pieces that you can mix and match rather than bringing a lot of garments and outfits to choose from.

Choose shirts and bottoms that go together based on the weather or if you intend to engage in an activity like trekking or working out. Be careful to pack your clothes efficiently in addition to arranging your outfits. Rolling garments together rather than folding them will allow you to bring more and reduce the likelihood of forgetting stuff.

If you want to wine and dine at a posh restaurant, bring a few elegant dresses in addition to your casual attire. You should pack some high-end fashion accessories, including jewelry pieces, a pair of sunglasses, an elegant belt, at least two watches, and silk scarves if you expect to be out.

  • Check Your Airline's Baggage Policy

It's best to find out what you can and can't bring with you if you're flying to your destination. Some electronic devices aren't allowed in check-in bags, while certain limits are imposed on liquid items and other perishable goods. The last thing you want is to get rid of most of the stuff you've packed when you're already at the airport simply because you forgot to check your airline's baggage policy and restrictions.

Take note that airlines have varying baggage restrictions. For foreign flights, the majority of airlines let passengers check at least one suitcase and one piece of carry-on luggage. Meanwhile, most American airlines charge for checked baggage on domestic flights. You can avoid a lot of stress and possible overweight charges by doing some advanced research on your airline's luggage prices.

  • Don't Forget Your Chic Purse

Alongside your packed suitcase, it's essential to always bring a chic handbag to carry with you while on a luxurious weekend getaway. It can be a tote bag, a purse, or a crossbody carrying all your must-haves with you, including your passport, cards, wallet, and mobile phone. You can even go for designed backpacks, if you want, for a more casual yet classy ensemble.

If you're going to an exotic or tropical destination, be sure to carry a travel-size sunscreen with SPF in your purse. You can also accentuate your lavish outfit with a pair of polarized sunglasses so you won't have to endure harsh UV rays and glares while walking around and enjoying the amenities of your exclusive resort.

Final Words

A luxurious weekend getaway is a dream for many, but you're now living the dream. Be sure to make the most of it, and plan accordingly. Know the right things to pack, and always check with your airline so you won't go overboard. Lastly, enjoy your lavish vacation, and take a lot of pictures!


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