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Infratech - Brining Indoor Comfort to Outdoor Living

There has always been something special about entertaining outdoors. It may include spectacular views; for others, it is the fresh air and intimacy you get with nature; for others, it denotes a more casual and informal setting that lends to a great conversation. Today, whether you are a homeowner or in the hospitality industry, outdoor gatherings provide a safer environment.

No matter the reason or motivation, we are spending more money creating elaborate outdoor spaces and time enjoying them. It is a shame to have to go indoors to have that morning cappuccino or miss the sunset with a glass of wine. Heating these spaces allow comfortable use when the weather gets cooler.

For more than 50 years, Infratech has provided heating solutions for commercial and residential settings.

Quality, versatility, affordability, and the peace of mind that comes with an American-made product have been the hallmarks of Infratech’s innovative line of outdoor heaters.

As the outdoor living space has evolved from simple concrete slabs to elaborate settings with plush seating, TVs, kitchens, bars, and more, people have looked for ways to enjoy these environments beyond the summer months. The answer resoundingly has been Infratech, the market leader in providing heating solutions for these spaces. As the company’s Director of Sales David Arnold is proud to say, “its success story is deeply rooted in its solid Made in America foundation.”

“Our wide range of outdoor electric heating solutions - with various wattages, controls, and price points, as well as our custom colors and myriad of mounting options - makes it impossible for an offshore company to come close to duplicating,” Arnold says. “We are deeply committed to quality and customer service, and only by manufacturing heaters here in the USA are we able to control every aspect of our business. People don’t often pay too much attention to this until it’s too late,” he explains.

Dispelling the myth that domestically made always means more expensive, Infratech continues to prove that it can be price competitive with the offshore products. “And because we reinvest in our production and our plants, our efficiency has grown significantly. As a result, we’re able to offer a high-quality product line backed by the values that come with Made in America.”

In the consumer’s mind, domestic products represent superior quality, Arnold says. “For us, there’s also a deep sense of pride in workmanship by our employees. Many have been with us for decades, and they feel they’re part of a movement that contributes to the growth of the economy, and ultimately the safety and well-being of the country.”

With innovation as one of its core values, Infratech continues to explore new products, new designs, and new technology. “We’re particularly interested in how new technology can be applied to home automation systems. As always, we are aware of how aesthetics play into the consumers’ choice.” Arnold goes on to say, “We all want to be comfortable, but at the same time, we take pride in the beauty of where we entertain. There is no need to compromise; you can have both.”

In the last 12 months, Infratech has invested into its production, machinery, manufacturing capabilities, and hiring more people to keep up with the world-wide surge in demand for outdoor heating. The great news is we are not reliant on moving finished goods by containers, which have been experiencing unprecedented delays. Infratech prides itself in offering the best of everything, aesthetics, performance, and durability at a competitive price.

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