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Kate Bock - Pompette, Aspen, and Bond-Eye

One-on-one with genius entrepreneur, supermodel, spokesperson, and much more, Kate Bock, discussing Pompette, her Bond-Eye swimwear collaboration, Aspen, and more! Pompette is the first premium hard sparkling water served in a shareable, resealable glass bottle. Pompette will transport you to the Mediterranean with five delicious handcrafted flavors. Pompette is ready to drink, with no mixing, shaking or mess. The elegant glass bottle amplifies your drinking experience, preserving the high level of carbonation. Simply unscrew, pour and enjoy! Feel confident about your beverage choice with Pompette’s all-natural formula. Each flavor is low in sugar and preservative free, while offering a refreshing and complex flavor profile.

Jamie Agoglia: Kate, such a pleasure as always. I was so thrilled to see you up in Aspen, but then also of course, being an Aspen in correlation with Pompette now being in King Soopers and at the Snow Lodge, and thus you’re having Colorado distribution! Congratulations, such a strong market!

Kate Bock: Thank you! It’s been really great.

Speaking of Aspen, of course, I know that you love Aspen. I absolutely love Aspen as well, it’s one of my favorite places on the planet. So how exciting for you being an avid skier and further being an Aspen in general, but then also introducing Pompette to Aspen.

I love any opportunity I get to spend time there. It’s been so much fun introducing the product that I’m so passionate about and to see it on the shelves and at the parties is such a thrill!

Absolutely. I’m sure that goes for any new market or location with respect to Pompette being introduced, engaging with it, but then taking it, really just elevating it, not to sound cliche, but doing that in Aspen and doing it in Aspen during one of one of the most exciting ski seasons snowboard seasons, that’s so fantastic. What are your favorite spots in Aspen?

It’s so nice to see everyone back out and at the Snow Lodge really enjoying themselves. Being able to bring Pompette out their was such an honor, because I think a lot of people think of it as a summer drink and its been a lot of fun promoting it as an apre ski cocktail - it can be enjoyed on its own on the mountain in the snow and or mixed in a cocktail.

I love Aspen. I’m actually heading out there next week again, and I cannot wait. I love the St. Regis hotel. I think it’s so beautiful. If you are not staying there and definitely still worth it to go to the spa or just check out the Snow Lodge and have dinner there. I always rent skis at Gorsuch, and then they have such a cute little cafe there. I grab a really nice coffee and sit by the fire while getting my ski boots fitted. It’s a pretty nice experience there. Hotel Jerome is also beautiful. They have great restaurants, great date spot for a quick drink. I think Cloud Nine is an Aspen must do, and hopefully we’ll get Pompette up there.

And so on that note, Aspen was a huge success. How is Pompette doing since we last spoke over the past five, six months, what have you personally experienced with respect to Pompette and the reception to the market?

Getting it in Colorado was a big deal and it’s been really amazing to see the success in the King Soopers stores. We have been working with some local influencers. We’re basically taking the world on territory by territory and the last few months have been in Colorado and that’s been a big success at the moment.

Genius entrepreneur - Kate Bock, and speaking of you being such an incredible entrepreneur and one of the greatest, high profile or supermodels on the planet, this incredible new swimwear capsule collection you have with Bond-Eye, which you inspired and designed.

Yes, that was such an exciting collaboration. I’m such a creative at heart and really enjoyed every step of the way from making the boards to approvals and selecting the colors and tones. Having it all come together was such a dream. Furthermore, it has sold so well. And it’s so cool to see your product with your label and your name on it in stores that you shop in. It’s been such a treat seeing people on social media of all sorts wearing my swimsuits as well. I feel so lucky that I had the opportunity to work with Bond-Eye. And I think both of us are just as thrilled with this capsule collection.

How exciting. And then also for you, obviously swimwear and swimsuits, the industry has been such a significant part of your life.

I feel like I’ve tried on or have been gifted every possible swimsuit. This made my decision to work with Bond-Eye super easy. Bond-Eye is manufactured in Sydney and their manufacturing studio is all solar powered and uses sustainable practices. The fabric is very stretchy. It’s really flattering and holds you in and hides whatever you want to hide. It was just a pleasure. I really hope that we end up doing another collab in the future!


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