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Katie Cassidy - Actor, Director & NFT Goddess

Katie Cassidy is an Actress, Director, and Producer best known for her starring role in the hit CW show, Arrow, and her roles in Supernatural, Gossip Girl, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. Following a role in the action film Taken, Katie played leading roles in the mystery horror series Harper’s Island and the remake of the drama series Melrose Place. She went on to star as Kris Fowles in the slasher film remake A Nightmare on Elm Street. Her latest film, Agent Game, starring alongside Mel Gibson, is set to be released Spring of 2022.

Katie has since expanded her craft, taking on the role of Director for a season 8 Arrow episode and recently wrote, directed and produced her first short film, titled America’s Next Best President. The film was “born out of lockdown” as she found herself isolated by the pandemic, a recent divorce, and the end of her hit CW show. During this pivotal time of self-reflection, Katie took these struggles and turned them into art.

She’s taken the art world by storm with her “Me.She.We.” series of digital nude NFT artwork — that captures the actress embracing the art of self-love with the intention of empowering women. Katie is the first celebrity to put nude artworks of herself on the rapidly emerging NFT digital art market and she is auctioning the photos of herself, shot by celebrity photographers The Riker Brothers, on the Opensea NFT marketplace.

A self-professed gamer and technology-nerd, Katie was an early adopter of cryptocurrency and the NFT space. She’s currently working as Creative Director and Producer with Metta World Peace and the Roji Studios team on an NFT drop that will pay tribute to Metta’s engagement in mental health awareness. In addition, she is an investor in Roji Inc, a platform for real-world asset NFTs.

Katie is passionate about art, film, technology, and NFTs—and the power of bringing these platforms together in a creative melting pot of artistic expression.

Katie is third generation Los Angeles, and second generation Hollywood, where she grew up immersed into entertainment culture, and created a natural platform for her abundance of creativity.

Elevated Magazines: Tell us about your upcoming movie - any and all details - who do you play, what is it ?

Katie Cassidy: ‘Agent Game’ directed by Grant S. Johnson is coming out in Spring 2022 in theatres and demand. So beyond excited for this release. I shot the film in 2021. It’s an action packed suspense thriller starring Mel Gibson, Dermot Mulroney, Annie Ilonzeh and myself. The film is about a team of military contractors brought together for a CIA rendition. After capturing their most recent target, they realize it’s all a setup and have been roped into the operation. After learning their lives are expendable, they must choose between the mission at hand, or question orderlies and try to take down the agency who hired them in the first place.

I play the role of Agent Miller, a tech genius with a history of violence and is extremely focused with the mission at hand. Wound tight with a chip on her shoulder, especially when it comes to being “mansplained” by the male dominated team that surrounds her. She generally doesn’t trust anything or anyone. Quick, smart, gamer whose unimpressed by society, isn’t afraid of confrontation and considers herself to be one of the boys

What makes you excited for this role and what are you excited for people to see in this film?

I love a good action packed thriller film, especially if Mel Gibson and Dermot Mulroney are involved. Talk about legends! I love learning and I certainly learned a lot from the two of them. Also, I enjoyed working with Annie Ilonzeh again, she’s such a bad ass.

What are your goals in the film space? Are you looking to expand beyond acting? What else should our readers know about you and your goals?

100%. I love acting and forever will continue. However, more recently I went through the Warner Brothers director’s program and shortly after directed my first episode of television - - Arrow 803 titled “Leap of Faith.” During the pandemic I wrote, produced, and directed a short film titled “America’s Next Best President” which is a spoof on American politics and will be out next year. Writing, producing and directing is definitely something I will continue to focus on and feel passionate about as well. Also during the pandemic I wrote a pilot based off the book franchise “Beauty Is The Beast” and was also the first celebrity to drop an NFT titled Me.She.We. - - encouraging women to love themselves first. I guess you can say I’ve met my higher self and she’s DOPE AS F*CK!.

Tell us about your NFT Collections. First, Me.She.We, what was the inspiration? And why is this space so important to you?

ME. SHE. WE. is an NFT drop I dedicated to empowering women. It was January of 2020 and I had just moved back to Los Angeles after eight years on Arrow, had just filed for divorce, and the world went into lockdown. It was almost like the universe forced me to face myself and really learn how to love myself first. As cliche as it may sound, I’ve never been happier and I encourage all women to prioritize themselves and learn how to love themselves first. You can’t love other people until you learn how to love yourself. It’s not always easy to look inward and it can be a tough journey, but it’s so fulfilling and empowering when you do. I promise, you’re higher self is fuck*ng awesome too!

You were the first celebrity to create an NFT collection, tell us about this space and your insight, especially as a female in this world.

I’ve always been into technology. I grew up playing video games, breaking down computers and building them back up again. Once I learned about crypto and NFTs [Non fungible token] nvested and partnered with NFT company Roji. Roji has been imperative to my NFT journey as we are building not only my own drops but also create DAOs like the artist collective.

This is a very male driven industry at the moment but more and more women are coming into the space and we’re also seeing more women driven collections gaining momentum as of last year.

As cool as it is to be the first celebrity to drop an NFT collection, I was more motivated to help other women feel confident to step into their power and do the same which is why I chose to shoot the ME SHE WE collection and channel my higher self.

NFTs give creators more freedom and independence to benefit from their work. Exciting to be the creative behind drops, both for my own collection and upcoming collections with celebrity partners.

Tell us about your upcoming NFT collection which we preview on the Spring cover?

Collection is an exclusive set of 9 photos showcasing a more artistic side of me., and even an alter-ego that I feel all women should feel confident to explore. Like with all my NFTs, holders of my NFTs will get access to perks. Think of them as perpetual tickets for my fans.

What are your other hobbies and interests?

In addition to directing and writing, Crypto and NFTs, I love my daily fitness. I love hiking, Spin class, kickboxing, and tennis. Working out is definitely important to my regimen.

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