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Kristin Dittmar Design - Aspen Chic

In the West End of Aspen, Colorado, this home overlooks the 25-acre Hallam Lake Nature Preserve. With stunning lake views and bustling wildlife, this new build, owned by an Aspen businessman needed the right designer to work with this linear home.

Kristin Dittmar, of Kristin Dittmar Design in Aspen was the obvious choice. Born and raised in Aspen, she knew how to make this home into a thing of beauty.

Elevated Magazines: How much freedom did you have with this project?

Kristin Dittmar: I had total creative freedom with this home. I might dare to say that this is my favorite project and exactly how I would design and decorate my own home. I chose an organic, textural and tonal feeling using whites, creams and natural wood tones.

What did you use in this home that is most exciting to you?

That’s easy...I absolutely love the bright white Venetian plaster on the walls and ceilings. It’s a custom blend that is my favorite, and because I had total freedom, I was able to use that treatment in this home. I love the sheen and the texture combined, and I think it adds such a beautiful element to every room.

What was your biggest design challenge in this home?

This home is very linear, so the biggest challenge was to achieve a smooth flow without the home and rooms feeling choppy. We designed an open floor concept and carried some architectural details from one floor to the next to keep the feeling of continuity as you moved throughout the home.

Tell us about the lower level of the home.

I had fun with that space. We started with a casual theatre room because the homeowner loved to watch movies in a dedicated space. I closed that room off with large barn doors.Then, of course we had to design a bar and one of my favorite items are the custom designed faux fur bar stools. They are such a conversation piece. I chose a super fun Philip Jeffries wall covering, designed a swanky wine storage wall and paired it with a shuffleboard to complete the space for entertaining. If you look at the walls and the ceiling in the lower level you can see how fabulous the Venetian plaster looks on the walls and ceiling.

What piece of furniture in the home has a “story”?

In the main living room, next to the handcrafted Circle Hoop Lounge Chair by Kardiel, there is a small side table that is petrified wood. My dad was on a road trip and when he was in Arizona, he found this table and brought it home for me. He knew I would love it. I held it until I found the right home for it. Now it lives in this home.

Who makes that amazing sofa in the living room?

I absolutely love that sofa. It is completely custom, and measures around 12 feet long. I could not find a tufted sofa that was large enough, so I designed one with my workroom and we couldn’t be happier with how it came out. It really is such a statement piece, and on top of that, it is extremely comfortable.

Do you only work in Aspen? What are you working on this spring and summer?

I work in Aspen, as well as the surrounding mountain towns. I have several projects currently ongoing and I am featured in a design book called Modish that is going to be available at the end of May. I am doing a book launch and book signing in Aspen mid June. Hope to see you there!


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