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L'Atelier Paris Haute Design

For centuries, we have looked to France as a source of inspiration, particularly when it comes to the culinary arts. Thanks to L’Atelier Paris Haute Design, we are able to bring our gourmet dreams to life.

Integrating the sophistication of Parisian-inspired style with sleek craftsmanship and quality, L’Atelier Paris has become the foremost creator of custom kitchens, showcasing endless possibilities while crafting their signature made-to-measure luxury ranges. The results are kitchens that fully reflect each client’s lifestyle, as beautiful as a three-course meal.

Relaunched in 2019 by industry veteran, Ricardo Moraes, L’Atelier Paris Haute Design is becoming synonymous with the pinnacle of luxury kitchens. Moraes explains, “The personalized design process and attention to detail that we can offer at L’Atelier Paris are unsurpassed. Each of our ranges and tailor-made kitchens are customized and fully fitted with professional-grade elements, suited for both professional chefs and home cooks, that enhance and thoughtfully maximize the cooking experience.”

L’Atelier Paris draws inspiration for their creations from French culinary arts and artisan traditions, but the individualized planning process that amplifies with every detail of a project is where the brand is unrivaled. All L’Atelier Paris designs are created in collaboration with the clients and before even drawing a sketch, the firm takes an in-depth look at how their client cooks, entertains, and even their lifestyle in order to create an extraordinary kitchen space that fully embodies and reflects who they are. L’Atelier Paris Creative Director, Maria Moraes comments, “What makes a kitchen from L’Atelier Paris unique is not only their beauty, but also our unparalleled customization capabilities to create something as unique as our clients… whether we are designing just the kitchen range or the complete kitchen, no two projects are ever the same.”

The brand’s unique high-level of customization is due to its in-house team, including remarkable skilled European artisans, including engineers, modelers, metalsmiths, and master carpenters, with local installation overseen by a team of meticulous craftsmen. Ricardo Moraes explains, “by having a hand in every step of the process, we are able to work closely with clients and guide them through the process of hand-selecting every aspect of their suite. This involves choosing from a full line of professionally fitted attachments that add another level of sophistication and elegance to the space.”

As part of the customization process, the design team from L’Atelier Paris works with the homeowner to identify not only the correct layout, color, materials and elements, but also understand how they cook, helping select several additional cooking elements such as: detachable griddles, drawer dividers, wok rings, supple leather liners for shelves and drawers, and more.

Additionally, L’Atelier Paris presents a limitless array of trim and finish color options for your range and appliances varying from sophisticated color palettes to unembellished hand brushed stainless steel. The brand also presents a new and unique Champagne finish option available on all their stainless-steel kitchens. Though this technique is already embedded within the design industry, L’Atelier is the only firm exclusively applying this technique to kitchens, resulting in a sleek and classic design.

A selection of dinnerware is also offered in a new line of kitchen accessories that can be adorned in your kitchen as a finishing touch of elegance and sophistication. The new accessories feature copper cookware, chopping boards, and a range of handmade stoneware that highlight a simple yet refined design and come in a selection of gorgeous colors.

“Every part of the design is taken into consideration during this phase, from the exact cooking range configuration to the decorative elements. Regardless if a client is just purchasing a specific product or letting us design their entire kitchen, the result is always a specially designed piece that is unique and created by hand just for them, exclusive in every way,” said Moraes.

The L’Atelier Paris brand strives to innovate and expand their offerings and is excited to announce a future launch of a new exclusive Spring 2021 Color Collection. Inspired by this year’s season of hope and joy, L’Atelier has developed a new bright and colorful palette featuring 28 exclusive colorways. This exciting new collection of colorful tones will be offered in all of the brand’s kitchen ranges and metal cabinetry.

“We are thrilled to be launching a new and refreshing color palette. For this collection we created 28 exclusive colors that beautifully complement our brand’s exceptional craftsmanship, Parisian-inspired designs, and cutting-edge technology in our custom ranges and cabinetry,” said Maria Moraes, co-founder and Creative Director for L’Atelier Paris Haute Design.

Customized, beautiful, and luxurious, L’Atelier continues to build a brand that improves and enhances, in every aspect, what is unavailable in the marketplace. By showcasing an endless mix of styles and world-renowned craftsmanship, the firm blends innovation and sophistication with unlimited potential for a creative partnership to bring diverse and true kitchen designs that transcend geography.


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