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Beauty that Lasts a Lifetime: Lazy CF Ranch

Lazy CF Ranch Aluminum furniture is hand cast by the folks at Lazy CF Ranch in the mountains of Colorado. Each meticulously detailed piece is intricately designed and hand crafted to create unique chairs, tables, chaises, and settees of unsurpassed quality by Lazy CF Ranch craftsmen. We offer several stunning designs to fit your particular setting. Rustic Oak for an" Adirondack" look, Bent Willow for that "Rustic" patio setting, Mountain Pine for that “ Rough Outdoor" look, and the Antler Collection for placement in any setting wanting a sophisticated eclectic feel. Due to the realistic look and comfort of the "cast" seats, cushions are optional and available in a selection of UV and weather resistant fabric. Umbrellas may be ordered to match. This furniture may be used in interior settings as well.


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