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Looking Back at the 5 Best Luxury Sneakers of 2021

2021 brought trends that helped us usher in a certain coziness to the streets, such as loafers and sporty sandals. Among these trends, the continuous evolution of the sneaker has been the most popular. After all, as Vogue’s list of recent sneaker trends shows, they’re very versatile, letting you pair them with anything. If you want to try out a new style, bright colors like those on the Hoka One One Match 4 sneakers or an intergalactic style like the Pyer Moss Experiment 4 Emergency sneaker can take your outfit to the next level.

But some sneakers stand out for other reasons too, and have become essential luxury purchases for fashionistas. So, if you looking for a great pair of sneakers to splurge on, below are some you need to check out: Roger Vivier Viv Run The Viv Run is one of Roger Vivier’s most recognizable styles as it features the brand’s iconic Strass Buckle and chunky Choc heel. Rather than a petite and polished look that you’d typically expect from women’s sneakers, it’s oversized with chunky cushioned soles that actually go well with anything you would normally wear with heels. It’s made of black neoprene, mesh, and leather, making it comfortable to run in if you’re rushing between places. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Yecheil Out of all the ventures Kanye West has undertaken throughout the years, Yeezy, the result of his partnership with Adidas has been the most prolific. In fact, Yeezy is known for its range of styles — from the simple slides to the interesting Foam Runner. However, it is the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Yecheil that has become 2021’s most sought-after shoe for men. It has several amazing colorways, such as yellow with black and light pink hues, as well as the Yeezy Boost technology that gives the shoes better shock absorption. These sneakers are also cozy and provide ample support, so you can enjoy long walks. Dior B30 It’s becoming more common to see designer brands enter the sneaker market — and one of them is Dior. Though Dior has collaborated with Air Jordan 1 to create a sneaker, the high-fashion sneaker Dior B30 is their very first official pair. At first glance, it looks similar to a New Balance sneaker. The B30 is made of black mesh and technical fabric with reflective details. The silhouette is made from an ultra-lightweight sculpted rubber outsole with signature edging. It has five colorways and quarter panels with a large “CD” (standing for Christian Dior), alongside overlays that have contrasting lines. New Endeavor The Samuel Hubbard Shoe Company is committed to bringing people the most comfortable shoes. And one that's highlight-worthy is the boat shoe New Endeavor. Though known as an Un-Sneaker and a boat shoe, the New Endeavor has all the comforts of a sneaker so you can use it regardless of where you’re going. These shoes have a no-slip and shock absorbent rubber sole with a full-glove leather lining, which results in a soft feel, great breathability, and minimal pressure points. The leather exterior is oil-impregnated with a rubber exterior and wax topcoat so it stays soft and repels water. Prada Cloudburst Thunder Lug Sole The Cloudburst Thunder Lug Sole combines sneaker comfort with an outdoor-inspired style. It sports a rugged look with its 3D injected rubber overlays and chunky sawtooth rubber tread, but this sawtooth sole is surprisingly lightweight. It’s made of a textile and synthetic upper, and textile and leather lining. These shoes are great for anyone who wants to pull off a technical sportswear look while also having a more contemporary tailored feel.


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