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Memphis Wood Fire Grills - The Most Versatile Grills on the Planet

The first manufacturer of a high-end stainless steel pellet grill is redefining wood fire cooking again. After more than 10 years as a pioneer and innovator in the engineering and design of sleek and sophisticated, stainless-steel pellet grills, Memphis introduces its new grill lineup, featuring IntelliBurn Technology™, this fall. The ability to smoke, sear, roast and bake on one appliance is now available with the most efficient and effective burn system on the market today. Developed and patented by the Memphis engineering team, IntelliBurn Technology uses secondary combustion to provide a cleaner burn, reduce maintenance, decrease pellet consumption, and extend cooking time per hopper load. The new combustion blower system also provides unparalleled temperature consistency and increased starting power, which expedites grill heat-up and cool-down. In summary, these grills produce amazing food with more heat and less fuel than ever before.

In addition to efficiency and performance enhancements, the new grills have plenty of other bells and whistles, including an ergonomically located, 7” touch-screen controller that puts you in the driver’s seat for precise temperature control, pre-set grill cleaning routines and more. Three meat probes allow temperature monitoring of up to three different foods and the ability to receive notifications via email or text when each reaches the desired temperature. Each of the new models also feature interior grill lights for evening cooking, and the cart models boast sliding top shelves that open to storage space and provide handy work areas on both sides of the grill.

Convenient Bluetooth Wi-Fi setup works with the Memphis Wood Fire Grills’ app, providing the capability to monitor food and grill temperatures, follow pre-set recipe routines and track the status of a cook from your couch, the golf course, or poolside.

Durability Meets Versatility

A Memphis grill provides all the versatility you’ll ever need to smoke, sear, roast, bake and grill in one outdoor cooking appliance. With a convection oven system, stainless-steel double wall insulation, and the ability to reach temperatures up to 700°, Memphis pellet grills are not only phenomenal smokers, but they can sear better than any other pellet grill available on the market today. For superior performance and durability, the stainless-steel grills are also equipped with heavy-duty stainless-steel grates and a 7-year limited warranty. Carts, built-ins, coordinating doors and drawers, as well as islands and accessories are all available at select retailers across the country.

Turn Your Outdoor Kitchen Dreams into Reality

With the trend to spend more time at home, outdoor kitchens are in demand now more than ever. Memphis was the first to introduce a pellet grill to the built-in category and, with its full line of coordinating doors and drawers and new, customizable islands, the ultimate outdoor cooking and entertainment solution can be conveniently packaged and delivered to your door. Each beautiful island can be personalized with a variety of durable stone and granite finishes and countertops.

Amazing Wood Fire Flavor!

Memphis brings their passion for good food and the great flavor of wood fire cooking to backyards everywhere, allowing you to cook anything you can dream up, at the touch of a button! Whether it’s smoking ribs, roasting a turkey, baking a pizza, or searing a steak over an open flame, wood fire cooking simply makes it taste better by enhancing the flavor and juiciness of whatever you’ve got under the hood.


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