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Michael Louis Maddaloni - Turning the Luxury Lifestyle Into a Business

It all started in 2013, when designer Michael Louis Maddaloni was preparing a marketing plan for his eponymous leather goods brand, Michael Louis (@michaellouisny). At the time, social media was just blossoming, and much of the brand’s marketing efforts were focused on working with influencers and personalities on the then upcoming Instagram app. Seeing the power his own personal following and marketing partners had on his brand’s success, Michael had a breakthrough moment. Rather than rely on only his personal audience and others for exposure, he took matters into his own hands to become the ultimate influence in luxury.

Naturally, Michael enjoyed and was inspired by the finer things in life. In 2013, he launched The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine (@LuxuryLifestyleMagazine) - a social-first digital media platform dedicating to sharing the ultimate in luxury lifestyles. He began by sharing his personal experiences coupled with things that inspired him. From behind the scenes working with his family’s jewelry store to a private villa vacation, these first-hand encounters at the time helped fuel original content and the authenticity of The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine. These personal experiences were also shared alongside the latest in luxury: like the newest exotic car to hit the market or architectural concept to be built. By sharing content consistently every day, providing inspirational, informative material and networking with like-minded individuals, The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine quickly became a go-to resource online and on social media.

With strong engagement and audience growth, it was not long before brands and individuals alike wanted to be featured on The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine. The platform started from a natural desire to share such content and as a catalyst for Michael’s personal brand; yet, with an eye for incredible content and the inherent nature of the digital platform - being always accessible in the palm of your hand - it quickly grew into something much more. The speed at which content could be shared to a worldwide audience became an invaluable factor in The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine’s success. Now, with just the click of a button, a single post could garner over 1 Million impressions in under 24 hours, a feat hard to match with more traditional methods. On top of the speed at which content could be put out, the direct engagement in real-time was all the more important to brands. Being able to live tag a company’s social profile, swipe-up to their website, and directly track likes, comments, shares, and saves, provided a clear valued approach to advertising.

Even further, once individuals from around the world considered this almost like a personal luxury concierge, new avenues emerged. Years of networking and building luxury contacts then helped to fuel even further business endeavors. Now, followers or as Michael likes to consider them, the luxury family, can seek inspiration and assistance with a variety of luxury lifestyle niches including sourcing fine timepieces, chartering private jets or yachts, securing hard-to-get dining reservations, or curating travel itineraries.

Today The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine remains one of the most influential social media companies to date, with an in-house network of over 2.5 Million followers across 14+ accounts. Michael and his partner Linda Zuckerman along with The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine team, create, curate, and publish content relating to all aspects of a luxury lifestyle. On top of the main feed @LuxuryLifestyleMagazine, a network of niche accounts provide focused content for hyper interested enthusiasts, along with long-format articles on


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